TRADOC Proponent Office - Synthetic Training Environment


Vision: TPO-STE is a disciplined and cohesive team of military professionals dedicated to ensuring the Army’s training readiness for 21st Century warfare.

Mission: TPO-STE serves as the Army’s centralized planner, manager, and integrator of activities and capabilities associated with the Synthetic Training Environment (STE) in order to ensure Army Soldiers and combat formations are ready for the next war.

Key Tasks:

  1. Represent the warfighter, and serve as the point of contact for user feedback.
  2. Serve as representative of CG, US Army TRADOC within the STE enterprise.
  3. Assess & integrate DOTMLPFP associated w/ lifecycle management of STE capabilities.
  4. Recommend overarching POM requirements for the STE in support of the Army Training Strategy and associated enterprises.
  5. Support the STE Cross Functional Team and PEO-STRI.
  • Developing an Integrated Training Environment (ITE).
  • Developing requirements and championing capabilities for the ITE as well as Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming (LCVG) training enablers.
  • Supporting Army and Joint exercises.

Contact Us

TPO STE(913) 684-8257
Deputy ACM(913) 684-8440
Operations Officer(913) 684-8217
Lead Capability Developer(913) 684-8268
TPO V&G(913) 684-8270
Deputy TPO V&G(913) 684-8379
Chief, Integration & Transition Branch(913) 684-8325
Deputy, Integration & Transition Branch(913) 684-8484
Chief, Modernization Branch(913) 684-8376
Deputy, Modernization Branch(913) 684-8646