CGSOC Inbound Information

CGSC Inbound Information

Welcome to the Command and General Staff College, and congratulations on your selection.

This content is maintained by the US Student Detachment (USSD). It is designed to help you get started in your preparation to relocate to Fort Leavenworth and provide you a brief overview of the Command and General Staff Officer Course (CGSOC).

There will be a Facebook Live held on 4 March that will answer many of your questions dealing with Garrison agencies, housing, transportation and childcare. Garrison Facebook Page

We will be sending out an email in mid-March to register for the course and provide more information about prerequisites and key dates.

For any information on Garrison Agencies please see the Garrison web page and watch the Facebook live on 4 March at the Garrison Facebook Page.

CGSOC Course

Is a ten month resident course to develop highly competent and professional field grade General Staff Officers with the warfighting, historical, leadership, and decision making expertise to enable Army combined arms formations to successfully execute multi-domain unified land operations in contested environments against peer threats. The course is taught in three phases, Common Core, Advance Operations Course and Elective Phase. All parts of this course are challenging and taught at the graduate level. Bringing a laptop for class is highly recommended.

Reporting Information

For reporting:

  • You can report between the 8th and 10th of July 2020, 0730-1600. You will go to the third floor (when walking in the bldg you will be on the second floor) in the Lewis and Clark building and follow the signs to US Student Detachment. Report in your APFU’s to get an entrance Height/Weight. Have your orders, fully filled out leave form (signed out by last unit and leave control number) ready. Bring a copy of your last DA 705 (within 12 months).
  • Please park in the far south parking lot (tree/creek separation) as anything closer you will be illegally parked and most likely ticketed.
  • It is suggested that you do not arrive at Fort Leavenworth earlier than two weeks to get on post housing, unless instructed to do so by Housing or Garrison. You could run out of TLE if you do arrive early. If getting off post housing you can arrive when its convenient for you.

You will find information for your housing needs, such as how to apply, how homes are assigned, and important dates for family and Bachelor Housing with Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities. Please visit their website for information and applications for both Family Housing and Bachelor Housing (Garrison web page). You MUST apply before 15 May to be part of the housing run or be on the waiting list. You may also call them at 913-682-6300.

For information about the Fort Leavenworth schools please see Fort Leavenworth School District 207

For sister service questions

All US Air Force students must contact the Air Force Element at 913-684-3434 (DSN 552).
All US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard students must contact the US Navy Element at 913-684-2256 (DSN 552).
All Interagency must contact the Interagency Student Division Chief at (913) 684-2443 (DSN 552).
International Officers should have already been giving contact information to International Military Student Division.

Prior to Arrival

Please Note: CGSOC selectees, having a valid Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) reservation will receive, through your Enterprise/AKO account (address listed on your ATRRS reservation), an e-mail from the Student Activities Program Manager by mid-March 2020. Administrative data provided will be information and instructions to aid in the completion of the online Student Record Form, pre-requisites, and accompanying forms.
Access to the CGSOC online registration requires an AKO login. You MUST arrive here with a valid CAC ID Card and an Enterprise and AKO account.

US Army Officers Requesting Early Reporting

Officers must receive written permission to report to Fort Leavenworth prior to the NLT reporting date (8 -10 July 2018) on your PCS orders. To request early reporting, you must submit a written request (via email) to the Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth Officer Strength Management Section, at, along with a courtesy copy to your branch. Phone: 913-684-2005.

Requests must include the following information: Name, Rank, Branch, SSN, class date, requested report date, current duty station and mailing address, DEROS (if applicable), current phone number and rationale for requesting early report.

To ensure a prompt response, be sure to include your complete e-mail address and commercial telephone number with each inquiry.

Each request is evaluated on an individual basis. Requests to establish housing early will be denied. Those coming from ACS, early CoC and/or with a pregnant spouse, i.e. will be highly considered. Reporting early subjects you to duty with an activity located at Fort Leavenworth as directed by the Commander, Combined Arms Center.

Contact Information

US Student Detachment via email at: or you may also call us at 913-684-7313 or DSN: 552-7313

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you limit your inquiries to questions related to your pending permanent change of station, and save your academic questions until after you arrive.