AFELM Student Requirements

Security Requirements

Please do not send any classified material here. We do not have classified storage capability. CGSC may actually have the documents you need in the Combined Arms Research Library. If you have any additional security clearance questions, call the AFELM Personnel Manager at DSN 552-3424 or COMM (913) 684-3424.

Uniform Requirements

UOD is typically ABUs or flight suits; however, there will be a few times throughout the year that blues or service dress is required, the first of which, is the flag ceremony. With that, please ensure you have all ribbons and accouterments, and that all items meet the standards of AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel. Please ensure your uniforms, all uniform items, and boots/shoes are serviceable. If they are stained or faded excessively, you will be told to no longer wear the item which may require you to purchase new items. The military clothing shop on post has very limited Air Force items; therefore, you are strongly encouraged to purchase new items prior to arriving.

Feel free to keep your uniform “as is” while here at school. Your current organizational patches are acceptable—in fact, they help people remember your background and areas of expertise.

Uniform Equivalency Chart

Dress Army USAF
Formal Army Mess Dress Mess Dress
Semi-Formal Class A Service Dress
Informal Class B Blues
Duty Uniform ACUs or OCPs ABUs or Flight Suit

Network, Email and Internet Connectivity and Availability

Approximately 60-90 days prior to your arrival, you will be provided instructions on the requirements to gain access to the network.

It may take one-to-two weeks after arrival before you have full connectivity on the network and DoD enterprise email access. If there are items you need printed or scanned while you are waiting to gain access, you may use the CAC-enabled computers in the library.

Wireless internet is available in the Lewis and Clark building for your personal devices. Most of your coursework will be completed via Blackboard. Please make sure your browsers on personal laptops, tablets and other devices are up to date.

Air Force Email Account: You will receive a DoD Enterprise email ( upon arrival, if you do not already have one. Your Air Force email ( will not be provisioned or maintained by anyone here or at Whiteman while you are a student. As such, if your current base de-provisions your Air Force email when you out-process (which most bases do), you will likely lose access to your AF email.

AFELM Contact Information:
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-3424, DSN: 552-3424
E-mail: The Air Force Element