Magistrate Court

United States Violation Notice

This website briefly explains what happens with a United States Violation Notice. It is not legal advice, and nothing on this website binds the United States or the courts.

The United States Military Reservation of Fort Leavenworth is within what is called the federal government's exclusive legislative jurisdiction. What that means is that all criminal offenses are prosecuted by the United States Attorney (through a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney) and adjudicated in U.S. District Court--from speeding citations on up.

Because this is a criminal charge, you have the right to an attorney. Neither the prosecutor nor his staff can serve as your lawyer. If you are indigent and facing a charge that carries with it the possibility of jail time, the Court will provide you an attorney at no expense.

If your ticket looks like this, click here.

If your ticket looks like this, click here.

Cannot Make Court?

You must request a continuance from the Prosecutor by calling 913-684-4930.

If the Prosecutor refuses to agree to a continuance, you may petition the Court for one; the prosecutor cannot help you with this petition.
Until you have received an oral or written confirmation of a continuance, you do not have a continuance and you must appear. Leaving a voicemail message is not sufficient.

If you fail to appear (that is, you do not show up and do not have a continuance), the government may seek a federal warrant for your arrest. Do not be in that situation.

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