Visit Requests

Procedures for Obtaining a Visit Authorization Letter (SMO CODE W0VPAA10D)
(As of 26 January, 2011)

The following procedures apply for ALL personnel (Military, Government, DA Civilian), Contractors, and Foreign Nationals who visit Fort Leavenworth, KS, for a conference, demonstration, meeting or similar activity. Also note on the request the purpose is to visit the National Simulations Center (NSC).

Military Personnel and Government Employees: Send security clearance information via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to the National Simulation Center's (NSC) Security Management Organization (SMO) code W0VPAA10D. Information should be addressed to allow the NSC's Security Desk to process the information prior to the visit.

Contractor Personnel: IAW DoD 5220-22-M, Contractor personnel must have a valid Visit Authorization Letter (VAL) on file at the NSC prior to their visit. VALs must be originated by the Contractor's Security Office and preferred to be sent via JPAS. For contractors who do not have access to JPAS; VALs will be FAXed to the Fort Leavenworth Security Office. The VAL will include the following:

  1. Contractor's name, address, and telephone number, assigned Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, if applicable, and certification of the level of the facility security clearance;
  2. Name, date and place of birth, and citizenship of the employee intending to visit; Certification of the proposed visitor's PCL and any special access authorizations required for the visit;
  3. Name of person(s) to be visited;
  4. Purpose and sufficient justification for the visit to allow for a determination of the necessity of the visit; and
  5. Date or period which the VAL is to be valid.

All Faxed VALs will be signed by the contractor's Facility Security Officer. The Fort Leavenworth Security Office will forward approved requests to the NSC. Requests must be on file at the NSC Security Desk prior to the visit.

Foreign Nationals: Must coordinate an official Foreign Visit Request through their country's embassy. An approved Foreign Visit Request must be on file at the NSC prior to the visit.

General Officer and SES visits should be coordinated through the Fort Leavenworth Executive Services, 913-684-5051, DSN 552.

Address for the Fort Leavenworth Security Office

Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-5070
POC: Security Officer
Phone: 913-684-3687 or 1792
Fax: 913-684-1794
DSN 552

The NSC Security Desk

Phone: (913) 684-8435
Fax: (913) 684-8436
DSN 552