Army Joint Support Team (AJST)

Army Joint Support Team

The Army Joint Support Team (AJST), in support of USAF 505th Command and Control Wing, conducts U.S. Army and Joint air-ground operations education, training and command and control systems integration.

AJST initiatives support training requirements for all four DoD Services and for elements of joint organizations in order to provide relevant and ready forces to joint force commanders.

How AJST helps the Army and others

  1. Supports 21 courses at Hurlburt Field and Nellis Air Force Base for more than 4,200 U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and USSOCOM students.
  2. Provides training and operational support to Battlefield Coordination Detachments worldwide.
  3. Supports Mission Command Training Program event planning and exercise design, and provides observers/trainers to train corps and division headquarters in joint air-ground operations.
  4. Operates the Joint-Air Ground Command and Control Lab to support schools and Army organizations.
  5. Develops solutions to lessons learned relating to joint air-ground operations.

AJST Priorities

  1. Conduct joint air-ground operations education and training for resident and non-resident courses.
  2. Provide training support to the Mission Command Training Program.
  3. Develop and refine joint air-ground education and training methodologies to better reach Army trainers and home station training programs.
  4. Provide training support to battlefield coordination detachments.
  5. Provide training support to the operating force.