Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to complete CGSOC-DL?

AR 350-1 authorizes students 18 months to complete each course, CGSOC-CC-DL or CGSOC-AOC-DL.

Who is eligible for enrollment in CGSOC-DL?

AR 350-1 authorizes all Army Officers in the rank of O–3 (if promotable) or O–4 who are CCC graduates; Sister Service officers of equivalent rank, International Military Officers, and selected civilians from other U.S. Government agencies to enroll in CGSOC-DL.

What are the requirements to receive the JPME-1/MEL4 qualification?

Students will receive Joint Professional Military Education Level 1 and Military Education Level 4 credit upon completion of both the CGSOC Common Core course and a Department of the Army approved credentialing course. For operations career field officers, the approved credentialing course is the Advanced Operations Course. If only Common Core is completed, officers are not designated as CGSC complete. Upon completion of Common Core and the credentialing course, officers are designated as CGSC complete.

How do I enroll in a CGSOC-DL course?

The first step is to apply for, and obtain, a course reservation in ATRRS. Once your reservation is approved, you will receive a system generated email directing you to complete the CGSOC application. You must complete all enrollment requirements, and be approved for admittance, before being enrolled in a course. The enrollment application site is also found at the link provided on the “Student Enrollment Information” page of this site.

What are the college’s academic standards?

Students are expected to do their own work and any form of plagiarism is neither acceptable nor tolerated. All students must review information on academic misconduct and sign an ethics statement indicating they understand the requirements and ramifications of not following the guidelines. Students suspected of plagiarism, or other forms of academic misconduct, will be subject to investigations that may result in their dismissal, or disenrollment from the course. Such actions normally lead to a referred academic efficiency report (AER).

What if circumstances in my life don’t allow me to complete the course in the prescribed timeframe?

Students who experience situations that prevent them from completing the course in the prescribed timeframe may request an extension of up to 12 months to finish the course. If you find yourself in that situation, communicate with your faculty member or Student Operations POC as soon as possible.

Do DL students have faculty?

Each CGSOC course is facilitated differently. If you are enrolled in CGSOC-CC-DL, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to support your efforts through the course. If you are enrolled in CGSOC-CC-TASS, you will have instructors for each phase of the course you attend the TASS option. If you are enrolled in the CGSOC-AOC-DL course, you will have a faculty member who facilitates your 16 member staff group through the entire course.

How long should it take to complete CGSOC-CC via DL?

AR 350-1 authorizes students 18 months to complete the course. You can take the entire time if needed. However, most students who remain engaged will finish the course in 12 months or less.

How does AOC-DL compare to the resident course?

AOC-DL students will achieve the same learning objectives as resident AOC students through online lessons and exams, written assignments, and online collaboration for tactical and operational exercises. One advantage to AOC-DL is that students have suggested they are able to immediately apply “lessons learned” within their current jobs.

How long is the AOC-DL course? Can I finish it sooner?

AOC-DL is a 52-week course. Generally speaking, students must complete all structured course work as part of the 16 student staff group and cannot complete the course ahead of the scheduled 52 week timeline.

Do I earn credit hours that I can use towards an advance degree at another university?

Students may earn "college credit" for their coursework in the CGSOC-DL. Students will need to provide documentation of their completion of CGSOC-DL for consideration to the college/university of their choosing. The amount of credit hours is determined by the university the student wishes to attend. Several colleges and universities have already agreed to grant partial credit for CGSOC-DL completion. Your installation, state, or readiness division Education Service Officer (ESO) can provide details for local and national colleges and universities who may accept CGSOC-DL credits.

Can I receive any retirement point credit for completing CGSOC-DL?

Reserve and National Guard students may receive retirement point credit upon completing a block of instruction and submitting the CGSC Form 1002 through their organization/chain of command. The Form 1002 is located on the college student management system (SMS).

Do I need AOC for career advancement?

It depends on your goals, career timeline, your unit, Army force structure, and other factors. By regulation (DA PAM 600-3), officers must be JPME1/MEL4 qualified to be eligible for Senior Service College (SSC) attendance consideration. CGSOC graduates have increased chance for promotion, selection to SSC, or assignment to a joint billet. Additionally, the knowledge you gain by completing AOC will enhance your ability to serve on staffs at Brigade-level and higher immediately.