Force Modernization Proponent Leaders

The force modernization proponent is the HQDA principal official or the commander, commandant, director, or chief of a center, school, institution, or agency with primary duties and responsibilities relative to DOTMLPF–P requirements for a particular function. When a Center of Excellence (CoE) commander is designated the force modernization proponent for a particular function (for example, sustainment, fires, maneuver, and maneuver support) that designation may encompass duties and responsibilities for multiple functional areas and branches. AR 5-22

Commanding General
Intelligence Center of Excellence and Fort Huachuca
MG Laura A. Potter
Commanding General
Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Benning
MG Gary M. Brito
Commanding General
Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker
MG William K. Gayler

Commanding General
Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon
MG Neil S. Hersey
Commanding General
Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood
MG Donna Martin
Commanding General
Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill
MG Wilson A. Shoffner

Commanding General
Combined Arms Support Command Sustainment CoE
MG Rodney D. Fogg
Mission Command Center of Excellence
MG Douglas C. Crissman
Commanding General
Medical Center of Excellence
MG Patrick D. Sargent

AR 5-22 Responsibilities:
(1) Execute force management responsibilities (concepts development, capabilities determination, and capabilities integration) relative to DOTMLPF–P for their particular function or branch.
(2) Ensure DOTMLPF–P actions are coordinated with ACOMs, ASCCs, DRUs, FOAs, the HQDA staff, and others, as required.
(3) Ensure coordination of DOTMLPF–P proposals with Director, ARCIC prior to submission to HQDA.
(4) Participate in the Army Lessons Learned Program.