Mission Command Training Support (MCTSD)


MCTSD sustains Training Support Services-Enterprise (TSS-E) through planning and programming for Mission Command Training Support Program (MCTSP).

MCTSD supports the prioritization and development of Army integrated capabilities to train Soldiers, Leaders and Staffs to achieve individual and collective readiness. It is the lead agent for Department of the Army G3's Mission Command Training Support Program.

Within the TSS-E, MCTSD leads MCTSP efforts. It champions the requirements and capabilities for the MCTSP’s Live, Virtual, Constructive, Gaming and training enablers, and supports related products, services and facilities.

MCTSD works to achieve and sustain relevant training capabilities at the Mission Training Complexes (MTCs) – the nexus for home station on training. It focuses on resourcing installation, staffs, leader and Soldier training requirements.

How MCTSD Helps the Army

  • • Provides Program Objective Memorandum (POM) recommendations to the Department of the Army to support funding for Mission Command Training Support Program.
  • • Acts as the MCTSP Lead Agent in the Training Support System (TSS) cycle at:
    • Modernization Reviews.
    • Program Management Reviews.
    • Training Support System Councils of Colonels.
    • Training General Officer Steering Committee.
    • Theater TSS in Progress Reviews.
    • TSS Reviews (TSS-R) with Proponent Schools.
  • Establishes requirements and sets priorities for equipment going to MTCs and provides a link between customers and materiel developers. It oversees the Battle Command Training Capability Extant Support Program.
  • Supports a standard design for new MTC construction to establish common capabilities and network accreditation throughout the Army.
  • Provides Mission Command training capability support, construction design assistance and assistance with network security accreditation.

Top Priorities

  • Plan and program within the POM cycle for MCTSP efforts.
  • Support cyber security accreditation at the MTCs.
  • Champion and advocate for MTCs.
  • Provide budget impact assessments in support of the Department of the Army Management Office Training.

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