Administrative Law

Mission Statement

The Administrative and Civil Law Division provides advice and opinions relating to the organization, powers, functions, and employment of the Army, and the powers and authority of the Fort Leavenworth Installation Commander, the Chief of Staff, Directors, and other officers and employees, in relation to their official duties. In addition to specializing in certain areas, such as Labor Law, Environmental Law, and Government Contract Law, all attorneys in the Administrative and Civil Law Division obtain and retain a basic working knowledge of literally scores of legal subject matters in clear terms - both oral and written - for the various offices the division advises. The Administrative and Civil Law Division then provides advice to these various offices on a variety of subject-specific actions affecting the day-to-day operation of the installation.

Please find information and access to online Financial Disclosure forms (FDM 278 and FDM 450) at

Please contact the Chief, Administrative Law at 913-684-4937
or Administrative Law Paralegal Specialist 913-684-4943
or Labor Law at 913-684-4928/4948,
or Civil Law (Contracts and Environmental Law) at 913-684-4935: DSN 552;
or email