Master in Military Art and Science (MMAS)

The Master in Military Art and Science (MMAS)

(1) Introduction. In 1974, the 93rd Congress enacted legislation that authorized CGSC to award the MMAS Degree. Agreement reached between the Congress, the Army and the Higher Learning Commission stipulated that the degree would require not less than 30 semester hours of graduate-level coursework including a thesis reflecting at least 6 credit hours of work. These specific requirements are no longer expressly stated in Title 10 legislation for CGSC, but any significant alteration of this requirement would constitute a “substantive change” under the terms of CGSC accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission. The expressed purpose underwriting the creation of the MMAS Degree at CGSC was twofold: to produce qualified researchers through the actual conduct and writing of research, and the creation of research products (theses) of value to the military profession and the larger community of scholars working in the field of security and associated disciplines. Accordingly, the CGSC Mission Statement affirms that the College “advances the art and science of the profession of arms in order to support the operational requirements of the Army.” Moreover, the College’s Strategic Priorities affirm the “pursuit of educational excellence,” and the objective to “Develop, publish, and subscribe to the professional body of knowledge.”

(a) CGSOC MMAS Path: In partial fulfillment of the CGSOC elective requirement, this program requires the student to take 6 credit hours of work as part of the MMAS: A211 Research Methods (1.5 credits), A221 Thesis Seminar (1.5 credits), and A231 MMAS Thesis (3 credits for actual completion of thesis work).

(2) MMAS Admission Requirements.

(a) Admission to the MMAS Degree Program is limited to U.S. and international students enrolled in resident CGSOC at Fort Leavenworth or CGSOC delivered in Spanish by the School of Professional Military Education (SPME) at WHINSEC.

(b) Degree candidates must hold baccalaureate degrees (or the equivalent) from accredited institutions.

(c) The application is submitted on CGSC Form 76 (Master of Military Art and Science Program Application), which may be obtained from the Office of Degree Programs (ODP) or the ODP home page.

 1. An application must be supported by an official transcript (bearing the institution’s raised seal) of previous college work. Photocopied reproductions of transcripts are not ordinarily acceptable. In exceptional instances, scanned documents supplemented by other official documentary confirmation of enrollment and completion may be accepted. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

2. International Military Students require the Director of IMSD’s concurrence.

(d) In some instances, graduates of the resident CGSOC course at Fort Leavenworth may be admitted to pursue the MMAS Degree after earning the CGSOC diploma if circumstances and resources permit. CGSC cannot offer admission to the MMAS Program to students enrolled in online CGSOC. However, students who, due to individual circumstances completed most, but not all, of CGSOC in resident fashion may seek admission to the MMAS Program. The Assistant Dean of Academics for Degree Programs and Research reviews such applications on a case-by-case basis.

(e) An applicant for the MMAS Degree Program should request that previous higher educational institutions of record provide transcripts and other materials as appropriate to the ODP before or soon after arrival at CGSC.

(f) A student is considered fully admitted as a candidate for the MMAS degree upon submission of an approved research prospectus and successful completion of the A211 Research Methods elective.

(3) MMAS Program Requirements for a candidate enrolled in the CGSOC must:

(a) Complete all MMAS courses (A211, A221, and A231).

(b) Submit and orally defend an acceptable thesis. The defense is a scheduled, public event, open to interested visitors. As a consequence, the time and place of the defense must be registered in the ODP not less than one week in advance. The oral defense will generally consist of five components. (1) Student presentation of research question and findings; (2) Discussion of thesis content and research methodology; (3) Confirmation of necessary final edits, if any; (4) Discussion during which student connects thesis topic and findings to elements of the CGSOC curriculum; and (5) Opportunity for student feedback on process, support, and personal professional value.

(c) All theses must include cover page signatures of three faculty committee members and final signature approval by the Assistant Dean of Academics for Degree Programs and Research.

(d) Satisfactorily complete a comprehensive written and oral examination based on the CGSOC Common Core curriculum.

(e) Complete all CGSOC coursework, earning a “B” or better for all Transcript Reportable Items (TRI), and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. Should a student earn a “C” in any course, he or she will be disenrolled from the MMAS.

(4) MMAS Focus Areas.

(a) Resident CGSOC students enrolled in the MMAS program may pursue one of seven focus areas. Five options satisfy the graduate-level educational requirement for a specific Additional Skill Identifier (ASI). These include: History (ASI 5X), Strategy (SI 6Z), Space Applications (ASI 3Y), Joint Planner (ASI 3H), and Homeland Security Studies (HSS). The sixth focus area is a General Studies option for all (other) candidates not selecting one of the just-named options. The most recently added focus area is Wargame Design. Like General Studies, this focus area does not lead to a specific Army skill identifier.

(b) Other special options may be available in concert with current Army needs. See Student Text 20-10 for a complete explanation of program procedures and requirements.

(5) MMAS students are entitled to apply to the Art of War Scholars Program if they are completing a thesis on an Art of War topic.

(6) Students attempting a focus area program or applying to the Art of War Scholars Program should communicate with that program’s coordinator to ensure the thesis topic and research questions will meet focus area requirements.

(7) Students disenrolled from the MMAS program complete all CGSOC curriculum requirements – to include 10-12 page Leadership and History papers during AOC – to earn a CGSOC diploma, Army MEL-4, and JPME Phase 1.