TAC Officer Certification Course Blackboard Enrollment


Enrollment Instructions - Effective 07 SEP 2017

Step 1:

a. The Blackboard classroom utilizes the enterprise email address. Please ensure that you are receiving mail through your enterprise account prior to registering. All correspondence will be sent to your (mil@mail.mil) address. USAWOCC does not send emails to civilian accounts.

b. Contact your local ATRRS quota manager or training officer to obtain a reservation in ATRRS, for the Training, Advising, and Counseling Officer Phase 1 AND Phase 2 courses. You must have a WAIT status in both phases in order to enroll in the DL course. School Code: 020

You must have a WAIT status in both phases in order to enroll in the DL course.

School Code: 020

Course Number:
5K-F38 (DL)(P) - Phase 1
5K-F38 (P) – Phase 2

Step 2:

To complete the registration process, go to:

a. Log on with CAC and select RTI TAC 2018.

b. Complete the three data sheets and submit information.

c. You will receive a Pre-Registration Confirmation e-mail (AKO).

After you have successfully completed the registration process close the registration window and continue to the steps below. If you experience difficulty during the registration process please contact the CGSC Webmaster at usarmy.leavenworth.tradoc.mbx.lde-cgscweb-inbox@mail.mil. Please describe where you were in the registration and the error you received.

Step 3:

a. Once your registration application is processed, your student Blackboard account will be established and you will receive an enrollment notice and welcome letter via email.

b. When logging in to Blackboard use your AKO username for both your blackboard username and password. Blackboard Website: https://wocc.blackboard.com

Step 4:

If you have any questions please send email to usarmy.leavenworth.tradoc.mbx.lde-cgscweb-inbox@mail.mil or call 334-255-0561/0562 (DSN: 558-0561/0562).

Hours of Operation are Mon-Fri, 0800-1600 hrs (CST)