Special Troops Battalion


The Combined Arms Center Special Troops Battalion maintains trained and ready Soldiers striving to develop leaders who thrive in conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Key Tasks

  • Provide command, administration, training and Uniform Code of Military Justice support to assigned and attached units.
  • Implement programs to ensure Soldier readiness for deployment (e.g. by tracking medical information, training, physical fitness, weapons qualification, etc.).
  • Perform Soldier support (reenlistment and promotion authority) functions for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion, USSD Detachment, the 500th Military Police Detachment, and the 67th Military Working Dog Detachment.
  • Provide Military Police to the Director of Emergency Services.
  • Manage and sustain a support program for deployed/deploying Soldiers.
  • Provide Soldiers to support Regional Casualty operations (funeral details, notification, escort, and casualty assistance).
  • Integrate and synchronize Soldier support to installation ceremonies and special activities.
  • Support outreach and community relations mission to the city of Leavenworth and surrounding communities.