The Army School System (TASS)

Total Army School System (TASS) – Common Core (CC) Option Students may also enroll in CGSOC-CC through the TASS course option. The United States Army Reserve supports the execution of CGSOC-CC through an accredited, instructor-led program. This option provides students with a resident like CGSOC experience. Students enroll in the TASS version of the CC course in the same manner they would CC-DL, by applying for the TASS option through ATRRS. TASS organizations include CGSC certified instructors to facilitate the course.
The TASS option is also a three phase course. The DL and TASS phases of instruction are nearly identical - allowing students to move between either online or TASS instruction.

Blocks of instruction within each phase
CGSOC-CC-TASS Course Structure and Content
  • Phases 1 & 3: two week annual duty training (ADT) periods. Site locations include Fort Dix, NJ; Fort McCoy, WI; Camp Parks, CA; Fort Shafter, HI; and Grafenwoehr, Germany.
  • Phase 2: one weekend a month for eight months, individual duty training (IDT). There are numerous site locations both stateside (including Hawaii) and in Europe.