Training and Education Focus

  • Joint Air Ground Operations
  • Theater Air Ground System (TAGS)
  • Process digital air support requests
  • Airspace Control – airspace use and users
  • Joint Fires
  • Joint Targeting
  • Airborne Surveillance and Reconnaissance and collection requirements
  • Joint Air Tasking Cycle
  • Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC)
  • Army Mission Command Systems
  • Interoperability with Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS)
  • Integrated Air and Missile Defense
  • Understand Air Tasking Order (ATO) and Airspace Control Order (ACO)
  • Common Operational Picture

Primary Training Audience

  • Train–the-Trainers
  • Battlefield Coordination Detachments (BCD)
  • Mission Command Training Program (MCTP)
  • Observer Controller/Trainers (OC/T)
  • Combat Training Centers OC/T
  • Centers of Excellence and Schools
  • ASCC, Corps, and Division staff (Fires, Airspace, plans and operations personnel)
  • Airspace personnel and ATS
  • GLDs/RLDs
  • CGSC, CPT Career Course & Warrant Officer Advanced Course instructors & students
  • Mission Training Center staffs

AJST Information Link

AJST Information Pamphlet

EAB Airspace Course

How to Request Training

AJST Training

For information about ATRRS enrollment in resident courses contact:

ATRRS Registration Assistance AJST-Hurlburt
DSN: 579-8267

Formal Courses

  • Joint Air Operations Command & Control Course (JAOC2C)
  • Air Operations Center Initial Qualification Course (AOC IQT)
  • Joint Air and Space Operations Senior Staff Course (JSSC)
  • Joint Firepower Course (JFC)
  • EAB Airspace Course (EABAC)

Mobile Training Teams

  • Battlefield Coordination Detachments
  • Army Air and Missile Defense Commands (AAMDC)
  • Army HQs (ASCC, Corps, Divisions, etc.)
  • JAGIC MTT (Divisions)