Training and Education Focus

  • Joint Air Ground Operations
  • Theater Air Ground System (TAGS)
  • Process digital air support requests
  • Airspace Control – airspace use and users
  • Joint Fires
  • Joint Targeting
  • Airborne Surveillance and Reconnaissance and collection requirements
  • Joint Air Tasking Cycle
  • Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC)
  • Army Mission Command Systems
  • Interoperability with Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS)
  • Integrated Air and Missile Defense
  • Understand Air Tasking Order (ATO) and Airspace Control Order (ACO)
  • Common Operational Picture

Primary Training Audience

  • Train–the-Trainers
  • Battlefield Coordination Detachments (BCD)
  • Mission Command Training Program (MCTP)
  • Observer Controller/Trainers (OC/T)
  • Combat Training Centers OC/T
  • Centers of Excellence and Schools
  • ASCC, Corps, and Division staff (Fires, Airspace, plans and operations personnel)
  • Airspace personnel and ATS
  • GLDs/RLDs
  • CGSC, CPT Career Course & Warrant Officer Advanced Course instructors & students
  • Mission Training Centers' staffs

AJST Information Link

AJST Information Pamphlet

New Course for Staff Leaders (EAB Airspace Course)

How to Request Training

AJST Training

For information about ATRRS enrollment in resident courses contact:

ATRRS Registration Assistance AJST-Hurlburt
DSN: 579-6181

Formal Courses

  • Joint Air Operations Command & Control Course (JAOC2C)
  • Air Operations Center Initial Qualification Course (AOC IQT)
  • Joint Air and Space Operations Senior Staff Course (JSSC)
  • Joint Firepower Course (JFC)
  • EAB Airspace Course (EABAC)

Mobile Training Teams

  • Battlefield Coordination Detachments
  • Army Air and Missile Defense Commands (AAMDC)
  • Army HQs (ASCC, Corps, Div., etc.)
  • JAGIC MTT (Division's)