Magistrate Court - Prosecutor

Although you have received the citation, the Prosecutor has not received the reports. And without reading the reports, the Prosecutor will not act on your citation. Consequently, the Prosecutor will not see any walk-in Defendants.

In addition, if you have received a “money ticket,” the Prosecutor cannot act (absent extraordinary circumstances) on that citation until it is placed on a hearing calendar.

If you are deploying, “PCS'ing,” “ETS'ing,” retiring, or otherwise leaving the area before your expected court date, you may make an appointment to meet with the Prosecutor by calling 913-684-4844. "Leaving the area" does not include annual leave, vacation, or TDY. In those circumstances, you may request a continuance.

By making an appointment, you allow the Prosecutor an opportunity to familiarize himself with your case so that your discussion with him can be as productive as possible.

Special Assistant United States Attorney

Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
415 Custer Avenue
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Phone: 913-684-4844
Fax: 913-684-3029