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The Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) recently launched a "Best Practices Initiative" website. Click here to read more....Read More
“Trust bedrock of Army profession” (ARNews, by Todd Lopez, Dec. 15, 2016) --- Trust, say Army leaders, is a key component of the Army profession and it is critical to everything Soldiers do. Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning, and Army leaders from across the force met last week in Fairfax, Virginia, during the Army Profession Forum, hosted by the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, to discuss, among other things, the role trust plays in the Army profession. Read More...Read More
STAND-TO! Edition: Wednesday, December 7, 2016: What is it? Army Profession Forum 2017 is a strategic leader forum that will explore ethical challenges to the Army Profession and ways to maintain trust within the Army and strengthen its essential characteristics....Read More
Lt. Gen. Michael Lundy, commanding general of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center, presents Clint Ancker, director of the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD), with the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service at his retirement ceremony, Friday, Dec.2. Ancker led the transformation of doctrine from a Cold War focus on the Soviet Union to one that elevates stability operations to a position co-equal with combat operations. His leadership resulted in the most comprehensive overhaul of the Army doctrine program ever undertaken. He also was recognized with a 50-year pin for his 50 years of combined military and civilian service. At the rank of colonel in early 1996, Ancker assumed duties as the director of CADD, retiring from the Army in June 2001 and immediately returned as a Department of the Army Civilian to be the director, CADD. ...Read More
Brig. Gen. James J. Mingus, director, Mission Command Center of Excellence, welcomes participants to the Nov. 8-10 Digital Liaison Detachment (DLD) Conference at Fort Leavenworth. More than 70 commanders, doctrine writers and training developers represent Active and Reserve units and organizations, including: HQs DA, FORSCOM and TRADOC; National Guard Bureau; and Theater Armies. They are meeting at the McHugh Training Center to discuss and produce DLD doctrine, organizational, training and other solutions. This conference marks the initial effort for the DLD proponent to establish a common framework and shared understanding of unit operations and DLD requirements ARNews15Dec16-ConferencePavesWayForDigitalLiaisonDetachments.pdf (53.35 KB)...Read More
ADP 3-0 is one of the Army’s two capstone doctrine publications; the other is ADP 1, The Army. ADP 3-0 presents overarching doctrinal guidance and direction for conducting operations. It constitutes the Army’s view of how it conducts prompt and sustained operations on land and sets the foundation for developing the other principles, tactics, techniques, and procedures detailed in subordinate doctrine publications. Find it on line at: http://www.apd.army.mil/ ...Read More
The Combined Arms Center and Army Press are proud to announce the publication of "Mission Command in the 21st Century." This collection of articles offers expanded examples on the practice of Mission Command in widely varied settings, all intended to sharpen the understanding of the Army’s central leadership philosophy. Download your copy by clicking the picture above....Read More
CSI Press has released 16 Cases of Mission Command in iBook format. This book offers historical illustrations of military leaders using the principles of Mission Command in battle. The cases included range from the War of 1812 to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each chapter includes a brief historical narrative followed by a discussion of the Mission Command principles displayed in the action. Since its first publication in 2013, 16 Cases had been adopted by JRTC and a large number of OPD programs to assist in teaching Mission Command doctrine to Soldiers of all ranks. To download a free copy of this iBook click here....Read More

Mission Statement

The Mission Command Center of Excellence (MCCoE) develops, integrates and synchronizes Leader Development, Army Profession, and Mission Command requirements and solutions to prepare leaders and units to successfully exercise Mission Command during the execution of Unified Land Operations.

The MCCoE is fully committed to developing and delivering current and relevant Leader Development, Army Profession and Mission Command DOTMLPF (Doctrine-Organization-Training-Materiel-Leadership and education-Personnel-Facilities) solutions for the warfighter based on lessons learned from current operations and analysis of future operations.

The MCCoE was established in 2010 as the Army lead for implementing Mission Command across the force. The MCCoE was tasked to: determine MC WfF requirements; identify future MC capabilities; integrate MC across the DOTMLPF domains; and present resource-informed, outcomes-based MC and MC-related recommendations and solutions.

"Mission Command is the conduct of military operations through decentralized execution, using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within the commander's intent. Done well, it empowers agile and adaptive leaders to successfully operate under conditions of uncertainty, exploit fleeting opportunities, and most importantly achieve unity of effort. Importantly, it helps establish mutual trust and shared understanding throughout the force. Mission Command is fundamental to ensuring that our Army stays ahead of and adapts to the rapidly changing environments we expect to face in the future."

- GEN Raymond T. Odierno, United States Army Chief of Staff,
5 May 14