Helpful URLs


Army Publishing Directorate
Description:  Contains all Army Doctrine and administrative publications; no CAC login required.
1. Current ADPs
2. Current ADRPs
3. Current FMs
4. Current ATPs
5. Army regulations (ARs and DA Pams)
Central Army Registry
Description: Searches Reimer Digital Library (RDL) and CAR for training related products; no CAC login required.
Consolidated Index of Army Publications (DA PAM 25-30)
Description: Provides Army publications via search based upon PUB/Form number, Pub ID Number (PIN) or Initial Distribution Number (IDN); no CAC login required.
Logistics Support Activity
Description: Digital database of TMs, COIs, SKOs, and access to LIW; CAC login required for LIW (LOGSA Information Warehouse); must create an LIW account to access said portal.
milBook Army Doctrinal Terminology & Symbology:
Description: Provides the Army Doctrinal Term listing updates / changes and current guidance for terminology, acronym, and symbology use; CAC login required; milBook account required.
Military Legal Resources
Description:  Provides Administrative / Civil Law, Rule of Law, Criminal Law, and International / Operational Law Resources; no CAC login required.
TRADOC publications
Description: Contains all TRADOC administrative publications; no CAC login required.
United States Army Force Management System
Description: Documents the Army force structure and includes manpower and equipment requirements; CAC login required; the establishment of an account requires clearance from the unit security officer.


DOD Dictionary of Military Terms
Description:  Consists of all approved joint definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations are contained in Joint Publication 1-02; no CAC login required.
Description:  Home Page-News and Recent Updates with links to Joint Publications; CAC login required.
Joint Electronic Library/Current JPs
Description:  Contains all Joint Publications, DOD Dictionary , UJTL and administrative publications; no CAC login required.

Other Service

Air Force Doctrine
Description:  Contains Air Force Doctrine and administrative publications; no CAC login required.
Marine Corps Doctrine
Description:  Contains all Marine Doctrine and administrative publications; CAC login required.
Navy Doctrine
Description:  Contains Navy Doctrine publications; CAC login required; NLDS account required.
Air, Land, Sea Application (ALSA) Center
Description:  Develops multi-Service tactics, techniques, and procedures (MTTPs), facilitating joint information exchange and operational solutions across the entire military spectrum. Projects are designed to fill interoperability voids between units, staffs, and the Services.

Multinational (NATO/ABCA)

Description:  Contains standardization activities information for enhancing Alliance military forces operations; no CAC login required, requires site account.
The North Atlantic Treaty
Description: Contains a digital copy of the North Atlantic Treaty; no CAC login required.
STANAGs (Standardization Agreements)
Description:  Lists current NATO standards; no CAC login required.
United Nations Non-Governmental Organizationa (NGO)
Description:  Contains NGO helpful links, conference information related to assisting NGOs; no CAC login required.

National Policy and DoD Directives

CJCS Directives Library
Description: Contains unclassified Instructions, Manuals, Notices, Guides, and other policies and procedures; CAC required to access CJCS Directives
DOD Directives (under DoD Issuances)
Description:  Provides the requirements, templates, and instructions to assist components in developing / coordinating issuances; no CAC login required.
GPO Style Guide
Description: Provides access to documents from all three branches of the United States Government; no CAC login required.
Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders
Description: Provides an editorial codification and is not intended to be used as a definitive legal authority, provides a convenient source of proclamations and Executive orders with general applicability and continuing effect; no CAC login required.
US Code
Description: Contains a consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States; no CAC login required.
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Description: Contains archives for U.S. history, veteran records, and teachers resources; no CAC login required.

Author Tools

Chicago Manual of Style
Description:  Provides a prescriptive list of the fundamentals of writing IAW Chicago Style; no CAC login required.
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
Description: Provides greater detail than the Digital Copyright Slider with regards to the copyright requirements of a particular work based upon the date and location of publishing no CAC login required.
Digital Copyright Slider
Description: Consists of a tool that determines the copyright requirements of a piece of writing based upon the date of publishing; no CAC login required
Weblinks for Copyright-free Images:
Writer tools at U.S. Government site
Description: Provides resources that assist a writer in adhering to the Plain Language Act of 2010; no CAC login required.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress
Description: Consists of a database of records representing the vast collection of materials; provides cross-references, notes, and circulation status; no CAC login required.
Public Laws and Statutes
Description: Provides an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information; no CAC login required.