AFELM Personnel Issues

Leave and Pass Policy

You must have prior approval to miss any required academic event. This includes all scheduled classes, briefings, and guest speakers. If you need to miss a scheduled event, you will complete a Request for Absence (RFA). Generally, if you are missing academics, you will be required to take leave rather than a pass. Upon approval of the RFA, submit your leave request in LeaveWeb. Guard and Reserve Students: Most guard and reserve units do NOT use LeaveWeb. Instead, they process hard copy AF Form 988s. During in-processing, we will ask for a point of contact from your home unit that we can coordinate leave requests with.

If you are not missing academics and you are driving more than 300 miles, you will be required to sign out in the pass log or take leave (if you have use or lose leave, you should take leave). If flying or driving less than three hours, you are not required to sign-out, however, you are strongly encouraged to inform your wingman of your plans.

Technically, every weekend you are on a pass. The Director can approve up to a 4-day pass. As such, a 4-day pass can NOT go over a Wednesday (if you add in the weekend, it turns into a 5-6 day pass). There are a couple of times throughout the academic year (i.e., Thanksgiving break) where you will have Wed-Fri off. If you plan to leave the area prior to Wednesday at 1200, then you MUST take leave. If you wish to take a pass instead of leave, then you MUST be in the AFELM office at 1200 on Wednesday to sign out. If you will remain in the area, no action is required.

Overseas Leave: If taking leave to foreign country, you must comply with the Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG). Depending on the location, you may be required to get approval from the first O-6 or O-7 in your chain. You may also be required to get theater and/or country clearance through Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS). Many locations require 30 days (or more) lead time in submission of an APACS request, so please plan ahead. You will also be required to get an anti-terrorism briefing (available on post). We will not issue a leave number until all requirements have been met, according to the FCG.

Use or Lose Leave: There are limited times to take leave during the year. However, if you have use or lose, then you are strongly encouraged to take leave over Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break.

Promotions (Active-Duty Only)

Your current senior rater MUST prepare a narrative-only Promotion Recommendation Form (NO-PRF) on you prior to your departure. You are required to submit a copy of your PRF, upon arrival, to the AFELM NCOIC. This is an AFI requirement which must be met whether you have already met a board or not. If eligible for promotion, your NO-PRF will meet the Student Management Level Review (MLR) at AFPC, where they will determine a promotion recommendation (P or DP). The Student MLR for the Lt Col (LAF) board is in December. You should receive notification of the Student MLR’s promotion recommendation for you in January or February. If you are competing for a rank other than Lt Col and/or are not Line of the Air Force, you may check the Promotion Board Schedule/Milestones on MyPers. Note: If you are a student longer than one year (i.e., you are selected for SAMS, SAASS or SAW), then your NO-PRF may meet more than one board.


If possible, and there are enough days of supervision, have your current unit complete an OPR prior to your departure. Strive for a closeout date as close to your departure date as possible. If there is a gap between your last OPR and arrival to CGSC, we will be able to document any accomplishments on your Training Report (TR), provided your current supervisor signs a Letter of Evaluation.


You will receive a TR that closes out on graduation day. Since all of our courses are more than 20 weeks, the TR will restart your OPR clock.

Fitness Assessment

We highly encourage you to take your fitness assessment in April, prior to departing for CGSC. There is not an indoor track available on Fort Leavenworth and the winter and summer weather is unpredictable. As such, our primary fitness assessment months are October and April. If your current test expires prior to October, then you will test in August (42 days after arrival). Anyone who expires prior to April will test in October. This means that some students may test in August and again, in October, depending on your score and/or exemptions. Testing in April will be for anyone who will expire within their RNLTD + 42 days of their next assignment.

The students will identify four student PTL’s (at least one female), who will be primarily responsible for administering the fitness assessment for the students. The student PTLs will receive training from the AFELM UFPMs.

Airman Development Plan (ADP)

Complete/update your ADP before you depart your current job. Your current Commander is your best resource for career counseling and he/she will be able to make the best possible assignment recommendations in the reviewer blocks of the ADP.

AFELM Contact Information:
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-3424, DSN: 552-3424
E-mail: The Air Force Element