Global Simulation Capability (GSC)

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GSC'S Mission Statement

The National Simulation Center maintains a Global Simulation Capability (GSC) consisting of current Army simulation capabilities on existing Army and Joint networks. This capability supports revitalization of Home Station CONUS and U.S. Army Pacific training for division and higher-level command post events as directed by Forces Command's Army Force Generation. GSC continues to support Mission Command Training Program and Joint events.

How GSC Helps the Army

  • Enables Mission Command training across the Army.
  • Provides direct support to the Army’s Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) and other CTC initiatives.
  • Provides direct support to Forces Command for CONUS-based division and higher home station simulation supported mission command training through the Regional Simulation Center-CONUS (RSC-C).
  • With the 7th Signal Command, establishes and maintains the Global Simulation Capability (GSC) network in support of distributed training between installations and Centers of Excellence.
  • Provides logistics simulation support to USARPAC division and higher home station exercises.
  • Provides simulation support to the other Regional Simulation Centers in USARPAC and USARUER to meet mission command training requirements.
  • Builds partnerships across the exercise support community of interest to gain efficiencies, particularly with the MCTP.
  • Educates the force on GSC capabilities and how these capabilities enhance unit training.

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