Common Core (CC)

The Common Core course is the first portion of CGSOC and provides officers with 50% completion of Joint Professional Military Education 1 / Military Education Level 4 requirement. The course assists junior field grade officers moving from a tactical-level focus to an operational-level perspective. It provides graduates with the skills, knowledge and attributes to adapt and dominate in Unified Actions in a range of operational environments

The Mission of CGSOC Common Core is to prepare field grade officers with the knowledge, skills and attributes to adapt and dominate in Unified Actions in a range of operational environments.

DDE offers two options for completing Common Core. Students can enroll in the DL version (independent online courses) or the TASS option. The TASS option offers a resident like experience with two 2 week ADT sessions and 8 monthly weekend IDT sessions. In order to provide flexibility in completing CGSOC-CC, students may transfer between DL and TASS during phase breaks.

Common Core (CC) - Distance Learning Option

The CC-DL course is completed through independent study. Students are given access to the three (3) phases and nine (9) blocks of non-facilitated instruction to work through independently on a Blackboard Learning Management System. Each phase represents a separate “course” in ATRRS, to be completed sequentially. Students are assigned faculty advisors who monitor and support their progress through the course. AR 350-1 authorizes students 18 months to complete the course, although completion time varies by student, and depends largely upon time invested by students.

Blocks and phases of the Common Core Curriculum
    CC consists of nine blocks of instruction:
  • C100/E100: Foundations /Ethics
  • C200: Strategic Context of Operational Art
  • C300: Unified Action
  • C400: Joint and Army Doctrine
  • L100: Leadership
  • F100: Force Management
  • H100: History
  • C500: Joint Planning
  • C600: Army Planning

ILE - Distance Learning Memorandum for Commanders

Please provide this memorandum to your commander. This memorandum explains the programs and the work load. ILE-DL Memorandum for Commanders DEC 2020.pdf