Assignment Oriented Training

All Information Operations Officer should continue to seek assignment oriented training to maintain expertise in all information related capabilities. Assignment oriented training includes, but is not limited to the following courses:

Military Deception Planners' Course (MDPC), 1st IO CMD

Joint Military Deception Training Course, JFSC

Information Operations Integration Course - Cyberspace Operations (IIC-CO)

Special Technical Operations Planners Course (STOPC), Ft Sill

Integrated Joint Special Technical Operations Planners Course

Joint Information Planners Course (JIPC), JFSC

HQDA Operations Security (OPSEC) Program Manager/Officer Course

Defense Operations Security (OPSEC) Planners Course, JFSC/JOSE

Jt Cmd, Control, Communications, Computers & Intel/Cyber Staff and Ops Course (JC4ICSOC)

Electronic Warfare Integration Course (EWIC), 1st IO CMD

OPSEC Analysis and Program Management Course OPSE-2500

Red Team Leader, UFMCS Fort Leavenworth