CAC Commander's Vision

CSA Priorities

  • Readiness of the Force
  • Future Army
  • Taking Care of Troops

CG TRADOC Priorities

  • Create a Versatile, Tailorable, Future Force
  • Build a Lethal, Decisive Army
  • Develop Innovative, Agile Leaders


As a learning organization, CAC is a team of highly skilled and innovative professionals exercising disciplined initiative, with shared understanding, to develop and deliver the Army the best combined arms Soldiers, leaders, and capabilities today and in the future.

Enduring Interdependent Priorities

  • Execute Force Modernization Proponent responsibilities across CAC and the COEs to rapidly develop and deliver relevant warfighting DOTMLPF-P combined arms solutions for the current and future force
  • Execute Army lead role responsibilities to enable the total force to execute realistic and rigorous individual and collective training to achieve and sustain objective warfighting readiness
  • Execute TRADOC core function responsibilities to educate and develop expert professional Soldiers, Army Civilians and leaders that are agile and innovative warfighters
  • Develop CAC and subordinate unit leaders and teams that are experts in their roles and responsibilities and are fully committed to driving innovation and change to improve the current force and bridge to the future Army
  • Maintain an environment that takes care of our team, enables the CAC mission and contributes to personal and professional growth

End State

CAC provides the Army agile, adaptive, innovative and expert professional Soldiers and leaders in highly capable combined arms formations able to conduct Unified Land Operations to prevent, shape, and win in complex and contested operational environments.