Commander's Intent


CAC develops professional leaders and synchronizes force modernization efforts to enable the Army’s vision of fielding a Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) capable force, ensuring the Army can Prevent, Shape, Win in LSCO, and Consolidate Gains on any battlefield from tonight to 2028.

Key Tasks

  • Develop Leaders who possess the character, competence, and commitment to serve in the Army profession; will win in Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) / Multi-Domain Operations (MDO); possess the Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors (KSBs) to provide our Soldiers with war winning leadership; meet the requirements of the operational force, and can develop others.
  • Drive Change that is meaningful, thoughtful, and necessary; synchronized across the Army and the Joint Force; oriented on the 17x LSCO gaps; inclusive of all elements of the DOTMLPF-P system; worth the cost in terms of resources and organizational turbulence; and institutionalized and lasting.
  • Align Resources by reallocating funding and personnel to achieve our priorities.
  • Improve Collaboration internally between the COEs to share best practices and seek cross portfolio solutions, and externally with FORSCOM, AFC/FCC, and Army HQs and staffs to ensure our efforts are synchronized and inputs to Army processes are clear, concise, complete and timely.

End State

The accomplishment of our purpose will allow the Army to compete and win in large scale combat operations (LSCO) against peer threats in multi-domain environments.