AFELM Key Dates & Arrival

Incoming Student Information - Key Dates & Arrival


You are required to check-in with the AFELM during the reporting week. When checking in, you MUST be in uniform as this is an official appointment. Your travel days and/or leave will end once when you check-in (i.e., if you arrive in the area on Monday, but do not check-in until Thursday, you will be charged travel days and/or leave up to and including Wednesday). Please make every effort to check-in NLT 1600 on our established RNTLD, as the Air Force Prep Course will start the following Monday morning. If you are unable to check-in by 1600 on the RNLTD, contact the AFELM to coordinate an alternate check-in time.

SAMS, AMSP and ALSP Students: Your reporting dates will differ from the CGSC students; your respective schools will establish and communicate their preferred reporting dates to you.

Check-in week is your time to settle into the local area, as well as finalize housing/TMO related issues, school registration for dependents, familiarize yourself with the post/local area etc...Once you sign-in, you will no longer be on leave. Our address is listed below.

Department of the Army
100 Stimson Avenue, Suite 3521A
Fort Leavenworth KS 66027
913-684-3424 (DSN 552)

House Hunting: Once you sign a rental agreement or purchase a home, you are not authorized PTDY any longer. When you show up to CGSC and either of these conditions are applicable to you, do NOT expect to take PTDY. If you did not take PTDY for house hunting prior to departing PCS from your current duty station, and you have not found a place to live, you may request up to 10 days PTDY for house hunting. If applicable, you may arrive up to 10 days earlier than our established RNLTD. If in fact you need to take PTDY for house hunting, report to the AFELM, check-in, and complete your PTDY request through LeaveWeb. PTDY for house hunting will not be approved retroactively.

NOTE: Once you begin the Air Force Prep Course, you will not be authorized PTDY for house hunting.

Early Reporting: Only those who have obtained prior approval from the AFELM can report before the week of check-in; that is because there is very limited space within the AFELM in which to employ early arrivals before the Air Force Prep Course begins. The early reporting approval authority is the AFELM Deputy Director. Please e-mail requests with your desired reporting date along with full justification (i.e., medical reasons, align with overseas DEROS, limited leave, house hunting etc.) to the AFELM org box. Please keep in mind that if you arrive before the week of check-in and you haven’t obtained early reporting approval from the AFELM, you must take leave until the week of check-in.

Fort Leavenworth Map

Finance, Flight Records (HARM) and TMO

CGSC Students: During the first week of the Air Force Prep Course, you will have one day devoted to in-processing. Whiteman AFB is our servicing base, and representatives from Finance, HARM and TMO will be available for filing travel vouchers, PPM (DITY) vouchers, and collecting flight records. On this day, you will need to bring several copies of your orders, receipts, and flight records (if applicable).

Guard and Reserve Students: It is recommended that you NOT bring your flight records with you. Whiteman Finance and TMO will help you fill out your paperwork, but Finance may not be able to pay out your claim. Please have a POC at your home unit that finance can send your claim to for processing.

SAMS AMSP and ASLSP Students: You likely will have already started academics during Whiteman In-Processing day. You will be provided the required forms during check-in and they can be emailed to the appropriate agencies. If your instructor permits you to leave class, you are welcome to come and talk to representative’s in-person if you have questions.

Items You Need For Check-In

  • Sealed package from losing base (Active Duty Only)
  • Copy of orders
  • Copy of Narrative Only PRF, AF 709 (Active Duty only-losing base should mail to AFPC)
  • Family Care Plan, AF 357 (If applicable)
  • Fitness (AFFMS II) Printout
  • Career Data Brief (vMPF) (Guard and Reserve Only)
  • Unit Leave Monitor Contact Info (Guard and Reserve Only)
  • Pay Clerk Contact Info (Guard and Reserve Only)

Important Factors to Consider

  • TLF and/or post housing may not be available for early arrivals due to the graduating class still being in the area —coordinate as necessary. However, arriving early may give you more housing options to choose from. You may have to remain in billeting for several weeks waiting for the house that you choose to be turned over from the previous tenant.
  • You will be charged leave for early arrival unless you have been previously approved by the AFELM Deputy Director to arrive early. Please see the section on Early Reporting above.
  • You cannot claim TLE for a day that you are on leave. For example, If you arrive in the area the week prior to your report week, did not receive approval for early reporting, and are staying in billeting, you will NOT be able to claim those nights as TLE (you will NOT be reimbursed) because you are in a leave status.

Air Force Element (AFELM) US Army Command & General Staff College
100 Stimson Avenue, Suite 3521
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

Phone: Commercial: 913-684-3424, DSN: 552-3424
E-mail: The Air Force Element