Operations Security Support Element

OSE team photo

The Operations Security Support Element (OSE) provides “Operational” Training, Assessment, Compliance, and Doctrine support to achieve a ready and resilient Army that applies a holistic approach to integrating and synchronizing OPSEC into the warfighting functions (WfFs) through a comprehensive DOTMLPF-P analysis designed to fight and win in future Joint-Multidomain environments.

OSE Lines of Effort (LOEs)
LOEs are tied to the DOTMLPF-P Analysis resulting in an Operational Campaign plan that establishes a Worldclass Capability Designed to improve the Collective OPSEC Readiness Posture of our Army!
  • LOE 1 - Execution of FY24 OPSEC Level II mobile training teams (MTTs) (CONUS and OCONUS) coordinating support across the Level III community.
  • LOE 2 - Develop blended distance learning strategies to reduce 60% of the MTTs and focusing on a more centralized Level III train-the-trainer course (Fort Leavenworth) by 3rd Quarter FY24.
  • LOE 3 - Stand-up of the OSE team of Army Civilian Professionals and contractors with a comprehensive OPSEC instructor training program that accelerates OSE's ability to support the MTT requirements of FY24.
  • LOE 4 - Establishing and maintaining an OSE common operational picture using knowledge management best practices on SharePoint and MS Teams for information sharing and collaboration.
  • LOE 5 – Update legacy curriculum in OPSEC Level II courses that addresses both AR 530-1 programmatic and ATP 3.13.3 operational considerations. Establish an OPSEC Level III Instructors’ Course and Workshop.
  • LOE 6 – Serve as embedded members in Red Team to observe OPSEC integration across the WfFs in division-level Warfighter exercises to capture best practices and lessons that can be incorporated in course material for operational relevancy.
OSE Homepage Link: https://armyeitaas.sharepoint-mil.us/sites/TR-CAC-MCCoE-OPSEC