Department of Logistics and Resource Operations (DLRO)


The Department of Logistics and Resource Operations (DLRO) produces competent field grade officers by delivering current and relevant sustainment and force management curriculum in the US Army Command and General Staff Officer's Course (CGSOC) today to win in Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO).


DLRO produces Stewards of the Profession who can generate and maintain combat power to provide options for Combatant Commanders in LSCO.

DLRO Campaign Plan

Force Management Proposals

DSFM leverages the intellectual capital of CGSC students to seek DOTMLPF solutions to real problems for the Department of Defense (joint, service, or international). Many of the best solutions are available here. A short description is available and the full student solution is available by emailing with the section and author.

DLRO Director Bio (Currently Unavailable)

10 Readings to Prepare a Sustainment Student for CGSOC