Navy Element (NAVELM)

Providing the maritime perspective to the joint fight!


Provide direct liaison between the CAC, CGSC, and the activities and personnel of the U.S. Navy; directly support the CGSC education and advancement missions; and provide administrative control and support to all Navy and Coast Guard students and staff at CGSC.


The Navy Element will actively support CAC and CGSC in providing relevant, quality joint military education in order to prepare officers for leadership positions in the 21st century. We will ensure smooth integration of U.S. Navy students into each CGSC class while providing quality administrative support to all assigned personnel. In addition, we will professionally represent the U.S. Navy at Ft. Leavenworth and actively participate in the local community.

NAVELM Contact Information:
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-2256, DSN: 552-2256
Fax: Commercial: 913-684-2771, DSN: 552-2771
E-mail: The Navy Element