Warrant Officer Assignments


The mission of the Warrant Officer Career College (WOCC) is to educate and train warrant officer candidates and senior warrant officers at key points in their careers. We serve as the focal point for U.S Army warrant officer professional and leader development matters.  Available Warrant Officer Career College assignments include but are not limited to Company Commander, TAC Officer, and Academic Instructor.

1.  Company Commander positions are very competitive. There are two CW4 command positions, one at 1st Warrant Officer Company (1st WOC) and one at Headquarters Company (HHC).

a. The 1st WOC Company Commander controls the Warrant Officer Candidate School. He or she is responsible for maintaining the readiness, health, welfare, morale, physical conditioning, training, and discipline of 26 officers, 4 enlisted Soldiers, and over 2,000 Warrant Officer Candidates annually. The 1st WOC Company Commander prioritizes unit resources including time, equipment, finances, and facilities to accomplish assigned missions and required training. He or she is responsible for the fair and consistent enforcement of Army Regulations, policies, and procedures. Other assigned duties are:

(1) Establish and maintain an active family readiness group

(2) Guarantee soldier support programs are available to provide quality of life support for unit soldiers and their families

(3) Accountability and serviceability of over $1.6 million dollars of installation as well as organizational property

(4) serves as principal advisor to the Commandant/Deputy Commandant for all warrant officer candidate and unit personnel matters.

b. The HHC Commander is responsible for the command and control of 82 assigned staff and faculty members of the US Army Warrant Officer Career College. He or she directs the administrative/logistical support required to train over 1800 Warrant Officer Candidates annually. Other duties include:

(1) Responsibility for the internal/external communication and coordination with the various

agencies that provide requisite services and support essential in preparing candidates and their families for the rigors of warrant officer training

(2) Responsibility for the fair and consistent enforcement of Army Regulations, policies, andprocedures regarding the conduct, discipline, health, physical conditioning, readiness, training and welfare of all assigned.

(3) Enhancing and nurturing the unit Family Readiness Group

(4) Responsibility for a property book valued in excess of $1.6 million dollars

(5) Serves as principal advisor to Commandant/Deputy Commandant for Warrant Officer Candidate and unit personnel issues.

2.  TAC Officers serve as a Training, Advising, and Counseling (TAC) Officer for the Army's premier Warrant Officer producing school.  A TAC Officer will normally be a senior CW2 or a CW3. TAC Officers are responsible for training, mentoring, and coaching Warrant Officer Candidates for 17 branches and 67 warrant officer specialties in warrior tasks, leadership skills, and officer attributes. Other duties include:

a. Monitoring candidates’ progress through face-to-face and small group counseling on desired leadership traits, mental abilities, physical performance, and other Army values that will qualify them for appointment as a Warrant Officer One.

b. Utilizing structured scenarios to guide candidates toward developing aggressiveness, stamina, effective time management, confidence, self-discipline, attention to detail, and other desired leadership qualities.

c. Planning, scheduling, and coordinating training activities for student classes of up to 96 candidates from Active, National Guard, and Army Reserve components.

d. Instructing academic classes as directed.

e. Serving as Master Resilience Training Instructor.

f. TAC Officer qualifications & duties (You will need Adobe Reader ®)

3.  Academic Instructors assist TAC Officers in assessing candidates, but are primarily responsible for academic instruction. Academic instructors include military and civilian personnel.  As part of the Warrant Officer Career College training team, Academic Instructors also experience long duty days. Academic Instructors teach students attending the Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS), Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Education (WOILE), and the Warrant Officer Senior Service Education (WOSSE). 

a. A WOCS Academic Instructor will normally be a senior CW3 or above, have completed (or be slated for) their Advanced Course, and have a bachelor’s degree or higher (Master’s Degree is preferred).

b. WOILE Instructors are normally CW3 (P) or CW4. WOILE faculty members must possess a bachelor's degree or higher (Master’s Degree is preferred).

c. WOSSE Instructors normally hold the grade of CW4 or CW5. WOSSE faculty members must possess a bachelor's degree or higher (Master’s Degree is preferred). 

d. Academic Instructors will be asked on a rotational basis to serve as a WOCS Academic Advisor or Senior Class Mentor by the Academic Instruction Division chief.  Academic Advisors /Senior Class Mentors are part of a collective effort to keep students advised on their academic progress, and enforce discipline and safety standards within the class at all times.

A successful cadre assignment to the Warrant Officer Career College (WOCC) is facilitated by a warrant officer’s possession of an appropriate combination of skills, knowledge, behavior, and experience. In addition, they must be physically fit, possess outstanding military bearing, appearance, demonstrate excellent communication skills, and be fully dedicated to the privilege of serving as a steward of the Army Profession. Selected warrant officers must possess a genuine desire to cultivate, encourage, inspire, and stimulate young and experienced minds alike. Most positions are open to any WO MOS. A normal tour at the WOCC is three years.

If you believe you're mentally and physically qualified and genuinely desire to be uniquely challenged, contact your HRC Career Manager. For additional information or questions contact the USAWOCC Deputy Commandant at DSN 558-9031 (Comm: (334)255-9031) or email us at usarmy.rucker.CAC.mbx.wocc-proponency@mail.mil.