Satellite Campus Program


The purpose of Common Core Course is to prepare field grade officers with a warrior ethos and warfighting focus for leadership positions in Army, joint, multinational and interagency organizations executing full spectrum operations.

The Core Course emphasizes:

  • Warfighting within Full Spectrum Operations (FSO) and Today's Operational Environment
  • Balance How to think vs. What to think
  • Complex problem solving across FSO
  • Balanced focus on Current Ops, Future Ops and Plans functions
  • Staff principles and concepts / less TTP
  • Know how to synch actions to attain effects (Principles and Concepts)
  • Effects-oriented

CGSS is instructing the Command and General Staff Officers' Course (CGSOC) Core Curriculum at Satellite Campuses located at Ft Belvoir, Ft Lee, Ft Gordon and Redstone Arsenal. Officers from the Operations Support (OSCF), Information Operations (IOCF), and Institutional Support (ISCF) Career Fields will attend one of twelve annual iterations, receiving the three and one-half month CGSOC Core curriculum. These officers will be joined by board-select Reserve Component and Special Branch officers. Upon graduation from the common core and completion of your branch/functional area credentialing course these officers will be credentialed Military Education Level 4 and JPME1.

For more information, contact 913-684-4729, or go to the secure Satellite Campus page for class schedules and further details. You must have an AKO account to login.