Student Enrollment Information

Student Operations is the administrative division within DDE, responsible for all actions related to a student’s enrollment and eventual graduation from CGSOC via distance learning.

The central function of Student Operations is to assist all prospective students with inquiries related to the varied courses offered by DDE and to serve as an officer’s advocate in processing requests for admittance to the distance education programs. Student Operations staff work closely with Human Resources Command, National Guard Bureau, and US Army Reserve Command to ensure student success in CGSOC and processing of official course completion documentation.

Student Operations perform a variety of course-related requests for the DL, TASS, and AOC courses. These services include requests for enrollment, course extensions, ATRRS inquiries, transcript and grade verification, course transfers and phase progression, and processing of official academic records (CGSC Diploma, DA 1059 and final course transcript).

Through the commitment and advisement of qualified administrative professionals, Student Operations will ensure that all qualified student-officers have an opportunity to enjoy the accomplishment of becoming a CGSOC graduate!

For additional information on admittance and enrollment requirements, please access the link located on this page: “Enrollment Information.” This link will take you to the internal department website. Access to this site will require a Common Access Card (CAC), or AKO user name and password.

For access to Online Enrollment Information - Click Here.

ATRRS Reservation Information:

  • Phase 1 Reservation
    • Click on Enrollment and follow instructions
    • Contact 913-758-3502 or DSN 585-3502 for questions
  • Phase 2 Reservation
    • Call 913-684-2541 for access to course material
  • Phase 3 Reservation
    • Call 913-758-3502 for access to course material

Additional Student Operations POC’s:

  • ATRRS Inquiries: 913-684-2563
  • Common Core Graduations: 913-684-9330