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Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate


CADD is the CAC Commander’s Executive Agent for Army Doctrine. CADD manages the Army Doctrine Program to provide soldiers the best doctrine possible in a timely manner in a useable format that facilitates operations and learning.


CADD ensures that all Army doctrine is clearly written, relevant and as current as possible through proactive integration of most recent lessons learned, results of validated concepts, emerging technology, force design, and current joint, multinational multi-Service doctrine. Ensure that doctrine accounts for the human factor as the driving force behind all doctrine.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Research, write, coordinate, and produce specified Army, joint, multinational and multi-Service doctrine.
  • Integrate all Army doctrine to ensure internal consistency within Army doctrine and external consistency with joint and multination doctrine as required.
  • Support development of joint and multinational concepts and doctrine.
  • Represent the Army in specified joint, multi-Service and multinational doctrine forums.
  • Provide doctrine subject matter experts to support education and training on doctrine.
  • Support force design through development of organization and operations concepts and design of division and above echelons


Operational Level Doctrine Division (OLD)

  • Responsible for Capstone level doctrine for the Army. Capstone level doctrine becomes the basis for all other Army doctrine. OLD produces supporting doctrine related to Unified Land Operations and Decisive Action.
  • SMEs/POCs for security cooperation, stability tasks in support of Unified Land Operations, foreign humanitarian assistance/disaster relief, mass atrocity response operations, defense support of civil authorities and human network engagement.
  • Links Army Capstone Doctrine to Joint, Multinational, and other service's doctrine.
  • ADP 1, The Army
  • ADP/ADRP 3-0, Unified Land Operations
  • ADP/ADRP 3-28, Defense Support of Civil Authorities
  • FM 3-22, Army Support to Security Cooperation
  • FM 3-24, Insurgencies and Countering Insurgencies
  • FM 3-55, Information Collection
  • Supports PKSOI in the development of ADP/ADRP 3-07; Stability; ATP 3-07.5, Stability Techniques; ATP 3-07.6, Protection of Civilians.
  • JP 3-18, Forcible Entry Operations
  • JP 3-24, Counterinsurgency
  • Supports the J-7 in the development of JP 3-27, Homeland Defense; JP 2-28, Defense Support of Civil Authorities

Mission Command Division

  • Author, revise, and maintain Army Publications on mission command.
  • Integrate Army Mission Command Doctrine fully with Multiservice and Joint counterpart manuals
  • ADP/ADRP 6-0; Mission Command
  • ADP/ADRP 5-0, The Operations Process
  • FM 6-0, Commander and Staff Organization and Operations
  • FM 3-52, Airspace Control
  • FM 6-99, Report and Message Formats
  • ATP 6-22.6, Teambuilding
  • ATP 6-0.5, Command Post Organization and Operations
  • ATP 3-91.1, Joint Air Ground Integration Center
  • ATP 3.2.2, Command and Control of Allied Forces

Tactics Division

  • Develops and maintains tactics doctrinal publications.
  • Responsible for Army Universal Task List (AUTL) doctrinal development and supports Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) task development and integration with AUTL.
  • Supports the Army METL Review Board (AMRB) process.
  • Serves as the proponent for Corps and Division standardized METL and collective task training and evaluation outline (T&EO) development.
  • ADP/ADRP 3-90, Offense and Defense
  • ADRP 1-03, The Army Universal Task List
  • FM 3-90, Vol. I, Offensive and Defensive Operations
  • FM 3-90, Vol. II, Recon., Security, and Enabling Operations
  • ATP 3-90.90, Army Tactical Standard Operating Procedures
  • ATP 3-91, Division Operations
  • ATP 3-92, Corps Operations

Joint and Multinational Division (JMD)

  • Reviews Joint Doctrine to identify areas of concern and consistency with Army doctrine.
  • Reviews Air-Land-Sea Applications Center publications (MTTPs) to ensure consistency with Army doctrine.
  • Reviews NATO and ABCA publications to ensure cinsistency with Army doctrine.
  • Represents the Army in multinational doctrine committees in NATO and ABCA.
  • • Writes select Joint, Army, Multi-service, and Multinational doctrine.
  • Coordination, prepares, and presents official Army position on terminology and symbols in Army, Joint and Multinational forums.
  • JP 3-10, Joint Security Operations in Theater
  • ADP/ADRP 1-02, Operational Terms and Military Symbols
  • ATP 3-94, Army Headquarters Transitioning to a Joint Task Force or Joint Force Land Component
  • FM 3-16, Multinational Operations
  • APP-6, NATO Joint Military Symbology
  • AAP-39, NATO Glossary of Land Military Terms and Definitions
  • ATP-3.2.2, NATO Command and Control of Allied Land Forces
  • ATP-76, NATO Land Forces Convoy Operations
  • STANAG 2020, NATO Operational Situation Reports
  • STANAG 2281, NATO Coalition Operations Handbook
  • ABCA coalition Operations Handbook
  • ABCA Two-Star Headquarters Handbook

Special Doctrine Division

  • Author, revise and maintain Army Publications on environmental areas of emphasis.
  • Integrate Army Doctrine fully with Multiservice and Joint counterpart manuals.
  • ATP 3-06, Urban Operations
  • ATP 3.16.1, Countering Insider Threats (NATO)
  • ATP 3-90.97, Techniques for Mountain Warfare
  • ATP 3-90.97, Techniques for Jungle Warfare
  • ATP 3-90.97, Techniques for Desert Warfare

Concepts Division

  • Mission Command Center of Excellence lead for organizational design staff assistance teams.
  • Integrate concepts, doctrine, and organizational design for Division, Corps & Theater Army.
  • Assists in the development of FM 3-94, Echelons above Brigade.
  • Joint Manning Documents
  • Theater Army Organization and Operations Plan
  • ATP 3-93, Theater Army Operations

Army Doctrine Proponent Division

  • Lead for Living Army Doctrine
  • Staff lead for managing the staffing, editing, quality control, and publishing of ADPs, ADRPs, FMs, and ATPs.
  • Staff lead responsible for all products that CADD creates that enhance distribution and education of Army Doctrine:
    • Coordinate production and publishing of video books and interactive media instructions (IMIs).
    • Coordinate production and distribution of ADP and ADRP boxed sets.
    • Coordinate production and publishing of the doctrine comprehensive guide.
    • Provide input for the doctrine mobile application.
    • Coordinate production and publishing of Army doctrinal E-Pubs.
  • Staff lead for the doctrine portion of TRADOC Quality assurance program
  • Recommend and enforce Doctrine Policy and Guidance
  • Responsible for TRADOC doctrine publication print approval, budget, and forecast requirements
  • Maintain, manage, and ensure the Army Doctrine Literature Master Plan (DLMP) is developed and sustained in the doctrine module within the Training and Doctrine Development–Quality Assurance Management System (TD2–QA). Use the training and doctrine development requirements to support the annual POM program.
  • Perform liaison functions to the TRADOC Publications Control Officer at the United States Army Training Support Center (ATSC).
  • Perform liaison functions to the Army Publishing Directorate concerning doctrinal content, process, and regulatory issues.
  • Conduct doctrine development training to new authors.