Continuing Education for Senior Leaders


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Delivery Method

Distributed Learning (DL) & Virtual Classroom


One week

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The Continuing Education for Senior Leaders (CESL) course provides an interactive environment in which senior leaders (GS 14/15, CWO 4/5, SGM/CSM, and LTC/COL) discuss current issues and relevant challenges facing civilian and military leaders. The program’s intent is for leaders to return to the program continuously to refresh and receive updates on current Army issues and initiatives. Students will apply strategic thinking and problem solving to global Army and DOD issues.

CESL is conducted through blended learning – distributed learning (DL) and one week of virtual classroom learning. The DL consists of reading materials and written assignments, and the virtual classroom program consists of both small and large group activities. The course structure is a combination of guest speakers and interactive exercises.

Virtual Classroom Information

CESL is currently operating in an online, virtual classroom format in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The one week course presents the full resident curriculum through an entirely online Distributed Learning format using It is not a self-paced online course where students work alone. Students completing the virtual classroom CESL course will receive full credit for the CESL course and will not be required to travel to Fort Leavenworth, KS.

  1. The virtual classroom CESL course consists of synchronous online instruction (real-time/simultaneous interface with facilitators and peers).
  2. Participants are required to be present for the course from 0800 to 1630 (CST) Monday through Thursday and from 0800 to 1200 on Friday.

NOTE: Students do not have to be serving in a Central Standard Time (CST) zone location, but they must be available to participate during the CST working hours (0800-1600) in synchronous mode for the duration of the course. Participants must have access to a location with high speed internet access, computer device with webcam and audio/microphone capabilities (headset recommended). This may require students to have access to a commercial internet capability and personal computer/equipment if Government NIPR network and/or Government provided computer/equipment does not support full participation in the synchronous course activities.


  • Army Civilians in permanent appointment to GS 14-15 or equivalent.
  • Active duty Military at the rank O-5, O-6, CW4, CW5, SGM, or CSM.
  • DOD or other Federal agency leaders in permanent appointment to GS 14-15 or equivalent.


Additional Information

  • One year is required between Advanced Course completion and CESL attendance.
  • Two years are recommended between each CESL attendance.
  • Course participants must receive a "Go" on all assignments. Course completion certificates are awarded at the resident phase.
  • CES courses are centrally funded for most Department of the Army Civilians. Refer to AR 350-1 for specific requirements and eligibility.
  • Courses are open to DOD employees and employees from other military departments. These employees are NOT centrally funded.

Accessing the Course

Apply through CHRTAS. Select CESL radio button, then Web Class (Select “400” series radio button). Verify email address and submit your request. Follow any instructions received in system-generated emails.

250 Gibbon Ave, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027
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