Course Registration Process


CHRTAS is only accessible from the Army/DoD network. If you are working from home, you must first connect to VPN. Contact your IT support for assistance with any VPN issues.

Update Your CHRTAS Profile

Step 1

Navigate to CHRTAS and login with your CAC. Select your name in the top right corner, and select My Profile.

Step 2

Select the edit icon next to each column header to edit/update your information in each section.

Step 3

Select the edit icon next to Position to access the update window. Supervisor designation is at the bottom of the page. Select Save before exiting the window.

Note: The grayed out information in CHRTAS is prepopulated with ACPERS data. If any of those fields require an update, contact your CPAC representative.

Apply for Training

Step 1

Navigate to CHRTAS and login with your CAC. From the Dashboard, or within the Menu, select Apply for Training.

Step 2

Civilian Education System (CES) course tiles present course specific information and details tailored specifically for you. Be on the lookout for a bullseye icon. This is your target course.

Note: Grayed out courses are not available for registration. Hover over the Information, 'X', or Checkmark icons for more details.

Step 3

Click the Apply for Training button, and then choose your desired course by clicking the Select button.

Use the available filters to narrow your search and click the Select button next to the desired class offering.

Step 4

Review the class information presented and upon confirmation, click the Apply for Course button.

Step 5

You're done! The following page presents the training request submission confirmation and status information.

Note: View the status of any application by selecting the Applications menu option. Training applications may also be seen in the Training History using the Include Applications toggle.

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