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In this episode we meet with Mr. Michael D. Formica, Deputy to the Commanding General, Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to discuss the current and future state of Army Civilian Professional Development.

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To limit exposure to COVID-19 among members of our community, all resident Civilian Education System (CES) classes at Fort Leavenworth and Mobile Education Teams at remote sites are cancelled for the remainder of the fiscal year (FY20).

CES courses will transition to virtual instruction no later than 1 June 2020. The Army Management Staff College will provide additional registration information once the virtual schedule is approved.

The decision to move to virtual instruction was not made lightly. These temporary changes will minimize the need to gather in large groups and spend prolonged time in close proximity within our classrooms. Our actions are consistent with the recommendations of leading health officials on how to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience and resilience. Please continue to protect your health and the safety of everyone around you by practicing social distancing and healthy habits.

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AMSC supported the Office of the Administrative Assistant (OAA) to the Secretary of the Army with a leader development seminar on 22-26 July 2019. Focused on comprehensively improving senior leader functioning in areas such as critical thinking, decision making, and organizational improvement, this seminar provided OAA supervisors with fifteen wide-ranging multi-domain lessons. Twenty-five OAA senior leaders in the grades GS 13-15 participated in the seminar.

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Civilian Education System - Phase 1 Distributed Learning (DL) Update

The Army Management Staff College (AMSC) launched the revised Phase 1 prerequisite Intermediate and Advanced DL courses early in FY17 as part of a significant program revision. The FY17 online prerequisite courses were significantly more challenging than their predecessors. Feedback indicated courses were long, difficult, and failed to accurately measure student learning. Application level assessments were identified as frustrating and an obstacle to course completion.

AMSC responded to student and Army Civilian Corps leader feedback and made four significant modifications. Modifications were targeted at reducing student frustration and eliminating course completion obstacles. Modifications enacted are:

  • Post Lesson Assessments. Application level, scenario-based lesson assessments were removed. They were replaced by straight-forward, knowledge-based, multiple choice questions focused solely on measuring student learning. This enhancement drastically reduced time and frustration students faced trying to complete assessments.
  • Lesson Pre-tests. Pre-test were developed for each lesson. Pre-test are knowledge-based multiple-choice questions assessing lesson objective knowledge. Students scoring 90% or higher are credited for lesson completion and do not have to work through the lesson. Approximately 20% of pre-tests taken have been passed to date.
  • Lesson Guides. Each lesson now has a companion lesson guide. Lesson guides mirror lesson content narratives, serve as reference material, and are provided to students immediately following the pre-test. Each lesson guide is a downloadable PDF that can be saved for future reference. Students can use lesson guides as they work through the computer based lessons and as a reference when taking lesson post-tests.
  • Lesson Completion Options. Students now have three options to complete lesson materials if they don’t pass the pre-test. The options include: 1) completing the Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) modules; 2) reviewing lesson guides; or 3) a combination of IMIs and lesson guides (recommended option). Upon completion of either an IMI or lesson guide, students will have access to the post-test. (Available with course enrollments after 1 Apr 19.)

Preliminary feedback indicates these enhancements improve student learning and success rates, while simultaneously reducing the time it takes to complete the course. AMSC will continue to assess overall time commitments to distance learning in order to optimize student outcomes. AMSC appreciates the feedback and continued dialogue on course enhancements.

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Join us as we discuss a broad range of leadership and leader development topics for the Army Profession. The AMSC Podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Click below for more information!

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The premier leader development experience, igniting the leadership potential of every Army Civilian

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FY21 CES Course Schedule Now Available

Civilian Education System (CES) courses are now open for FY21 enrollment. Commands are responsible for managing quotas for their Army Civilians, so work with your supervisor and training manager to determine your eligibility and priority level. Always review your CHRTAS profile to ensure it is accurate (to include your supervisor's email).

View our CES Course Schedule for a full list of FY21 offerings.

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