Advanced Course


Course Number

Phase 1

1-250-C62 (DL)

Phase 2


Delivery Method

Phase 1

Online (Blackboard)

Phase 2

Virtual Classroom (Blackboard)


Phase 1

Self-paced not to exceed 180 days

Phase 2

Six weeks

Academic Hours

Phase 1


Phase 2



Phase 1


Phase 2



The Advanced Course prepares upper grade Army Civilian leaders (GS 13-15) to assume increasing levels of responsibility and leadership within organizations. The course is required per AR 350-1 for Army Civilian supervisors in those grades. Graduates are skilled in leading complex organizations in support of national security and defense strategies, managing organizational resources, leading change, inspiring vision and creativity, directing program management, and integrating Army systems.

The course is conducted through blended learning consisting of a distributed learning (DL) Phase 1 and an instructor-facilitated Phase 2.

Phase 1 – DL


The Advanced Course Phase 1 is available to all Army Civilians as a self-development tool.


Phase 2 – Resident

Phase 2 Virtual Classroom Information

The Advanced Course Phase 2 is currently operating in an online, virtual classroom format in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The four-week course presents the full resident curriculum through an entirely online virtual classroom format using This is a group participation course with course instructors facilitating the learning. The course is not a self-paced online distance learning course; it is conducted in a fully-collaborative (synchronous) virtual environment that requires continuous student engagement for the duration of the course. There is no requirement to travel to Fort Leavenworth, KS. Students completing the virtual classroom Phase 2 will receive full credit for the Advanced Course.

  1. This course requires a minimum commitment of 40 hours of organizational work time per week for four full weeks.
  2. This course involves online instruction in both a synchronous mode (real-time/simultaneous interface with instructors) and in an asynchronous mode (delayed/non-simultaneous participation).
  3. Students will be assigned to seminars that meet each day for up to 7.5 hours each session.

NOTE: Students do not have to be serving in a Central Standard Time (CST) zone location, but they must be available to participate during the CST working hours (0800-1630) in synchronous mode. Students must have access to a location with high-speed internet access without VPN (some collaborative tools in Blackboard do not function when connected to VPN); computer device with audio/microphone capabilities (headset recommended); webcam is recommended but not required. This may require students to have access to a commercial internet capability and personal computer/equipment if Government NIPR network and/or Government provided computer/equipment does not support full participation in the synchronous course activities.


  • Army Civilians in permanent appointments in grades GS-13 through GS-15 (or equivalent).
  • Army Non-appropriated Fund (NAF), Wage Grade (WG), Local National (LN).


  • Foundation Course (required only for individuals hired after September 30, 2006).
  • Advanced Course DL Phase 1 must be complete before the instructor-facilitated Phase 2.

Selection Priority

  • Priority 1: Army Civilians in a permanent appointment to a supervisory or managerial positions.
  • Priority 2: Army Civilians in a permanent appointment to a non-supervisory position.
  • Priority 3: Military supervisors of Army Civilians, DOD, or other Federal agency leaders. Army Civilians in term or temporary appointments who are responsible for leading or supervising Army Civilians. Priority 3 attendees are not centrally funded and must be funded by their organization.

Additional Information

  • Army Civilians must have a current performance rating of successful or above and be in good conduct standing.
  • Students must graduate from Phase 1 prior to registering for Phase 2.
  • CES courses are centrally funded for most Department of the Army Civilians. Refer to AR 350-1 for specific requirements and eligibility.
  • Courses are open to DOD employees and employees from other military departments. These employees are NOT centrally funded.

Accessing the Course

View our Course Registration Process guide for application instructions. If applying for Phase 2, select the "Resident/Virtual" option. Follow any instructions received in system-generated emails. This course is conducted using and does not require a CAC-enabled computer.

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