Army Operational Framework: Organizing the Force for Battlefield Success

This paper describes the Army’s Operational Framework and how its proper use and understanding can improve the commander and staff’s ability to organize assigned forces and apply combat power at decisive points on the battlefield. Using newly published doctrine in Army Doctrine Publication 3-0, Operations, and observations from Warfighter Exercises, this article will: 1) Provide examples of effective use of the operational framework to organize the battlefield. 2) Describe the role of the operational framework within the operations structure.

Building Cohesive Teams

Cohesiveness is critical to high performing teams. Each member must understand their role in the team, know their responsibilities, and know that their teammates are also performing their duties. This handbook describes methods to build cohesive teams and provides indicators to measure performance. It incorporates the Army's "This is My Squad" initiative and is a good resource for leaders at all echelons.

Bulletin 16-26: Permanent Executive Secretariat Conference of American Armies Volume I: A Cycle Guide

This bulletin contains valuable information to aid leaders, from all Conference of American Armies (CAA) member nations, in their knowledge on the goals, processes, and procedures as a contributing army, as well as, to better prepare them to assume the critical role of leading the CAA Permanent Executive Secretariat (PESCAA) in the future.

Bulletin 18-02 - Executing Knowledge Management in Support of Mission Command: A Primer for Senior Leaders

This primer was developed using lessons learned from Soldiers in the field and the Combat Training Centers, has been prepared by the Army Knowledge Management Proponent. It is intended to provide senior Army leaders a concise understanding of KM and what they can do to improve important organizational processes (e.g., the military decisionmaking process and operations process). It briefly discusses basic KM concepts, the roles of senior leaders in KM, and provides some techniques senior leaders may choose to employ in managing a KM program.

Call For Papers

The Commanding General, Combined Arms Center invites you to submit a paper on the topic of Mission Command for an edited volume. The working title of this edited volume is: Empowering to Win in a Complex World: Mission Command in the 21st Century. In partnership with the online publication, The Bridge, some of the best submissions will also be published online. The linked document provides additional detail on this project.


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