CALL Insider December 2014

Greetings from the Army’s premier lessons learned center at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. CALL has published its Fiscal Year 2015 Collection Plan, which outlines the focus areas CALL will be looking at during the next fiscal year. In this edition of the CALL Newsletter, we would like to highlight our support to Operation United Assistance. CALL is developing push packages to assist units in operations or training exercises, and we have included a summary of this effort in this newsletter. We have also included a summary of our recent lessons learned seminar for the Georgian Armed Forces.

CALL Insider March - April 2015

CALL continues to support you—the Warfighter—as we execute our Army’s mission. Together we move forward capitalizing on our best practices and learning from our lessons while deployed and at homestation. At CALL we continue to expand our focus from not only the tactical level of war but across the full spectrum. We have reached out to the ASCCs to see how we can best support them and YOU as your units deploy forward into their theaters of operation.

CALL Insider Newsletter 1st Quarter, FY2019

After almost six months as CALL Director, I've made a few organizational changes that are primarily invisible to you, but are efforts that further CALL’s mission in driving change and supporting the Army as it transitions to a large-scale ground combat operations focus. Expect to see our products and collections reflect that change as we support exercises and deliver handbooks and other publications.

CALL Insider Newsletter 2nd QTR, FY21

Catch up on what you may have missed and please share widely within your organizations.
Highlights include:
- Building Cohesive Teams
- Hard Lessons
- Offensive and Defensive Operations Against a Near-Peer Threat
- Leader Development in Contact
- Latest Warfighter Training Support Packages and Training Circulars
- News from the Combat Training Centers And More!

CALL Insider Newsletter 3rd QTR, FY21

No, you’re not seeing things and no, the CALL director is not a civilian position now. As the CALL deputy, I am wearing a couple hats this summer while we wait for the new director to arrive. As you can imagine, we are very engaged during this transition period, with collections ongoing and our work on publications focused on providing you with relevant and timely information from the field.

CALL Insider Newsletter 4th Quarter, FY2019

This update illustrates our commitment to optimizing for multi-domain/large-scale combat operations (MD/LSCO) and multinational interoperability. Next year’s Defender Europe exercise will test that commitment, and CALL will be there to document those lessons for the Army. Also, as the Army continues to modernize critical core capabilities to compete against near-peer adversaries, CALL is finalizing its initial MD/LSCO report on the gaps and challenges to field sufficient, capable forces to compete and win in this environment.

CALL Insider Newsletter Jan-Feb 2016

Welcome to the January/February 2016 edition of the CALL Insider Newsletter. CALL recently participated in several collections both at the Combat Training Centers (CTCs) and at 1ID and 4ID home-station training (HST) events. This edition highlights some of these collection efforts, the newest CALL publications, our work with the JMTG Ukraine, and our support to the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) on lessons and best practices collected during the TRADOC assessment in the Ukraine.


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