Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I obtain access to the CALL CAC Enabled Website?
    • You have full access with your Common Access Card (CAC). This applies to all Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, DoD Civilians and DoD contractors. You do not need to request access.
      Simply click on the "CAC Login" button.
    • If you are a member of another U.S. Federal Government agency and your Common Access Card (CAC) does not give you access, you may request a CALL-supplied logon by clicking the Request Access button on the right side of our login page. There you will be directed to a form which you must complete to request the CALL-supplied logon. After submitting the form, it will go to our security section for review and approval. Once approved, they will issue a user ID and password to you.  Your account will be good for 6 months and must be renewed if needed for a longer period.
    • Click here to request access
  • How do I submit a Request for Information (RFI)?
    • Login to the CAC Enabled CALL Web site at https://call2.army.mil/. Select the RFI image in the center of the home page or select RFI from the Services dropdown menu. Complete and submit the form.
    • Use your .mil e-mail address, as CALL does not send data to free, temporary Web-based addresses (e.g. hotmail.com, yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc.). If you do not have a .mil e-mail address, input your .gov e-mail address. If you have none of the above, input your regular e-mail address.