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The Army Combat Fitness Test is the means to validate a Soldier and unit’s physical readiness training; it shows how effective this training is in preparing Soldiers for the combat tasks they have to perform. This publication supplements the Army’s physical testing doctrine for the initial operation capability period, Fiscal Year 20, 01 October 2019 to 30 September 2020. The principal audience is leaders at all organizational levels....Read More
Saidmurat Tangirbergen (center), senior officer, Strategic Development Department, Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense, led a delegation of military and civilian personnel participating in a Center for Army Lessons Learned seminar Feb. 9-12, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. The delegation shared lessons learned and discussed plans to develop a comprehensive lessons learned program within the Kazakhstan Armed Forces. (U.S. Army photo by Christine Weis)...Read More
Twelve students from across the Army and Air Force attended the Army Lessons Learned Course Feb. 3-7 at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Coursework focused on the principles of Joint and Army lessons learned program management, lessons learned processes, use of online resources, and training on the role of the organizational lessons learned manager. (U.S. Army photo by Christine Weis)...Read More
This handbook focuses on three items: First, how to improve and develop the cognitive skill of visualizing, a key component to COA analysis (wargaming); second, improving the methods and conduct of action, reaction, and counteraction adjudication of COA analysis with off-the-shelf wargames; and third, thoughts on training the staff. COA analysis is similar to any collective skill, and is perishable if not continually trained and rehearsed. Therefore, it is the purpose of this handbook to provide thoughts on how to develop individuals and staffs so they can better conduct COA analysis during the military decisionmaking process. ...Read More
Latest publications, articles, best practices, and graphic training aids from CALL. This edition also features an article from the National Training Center Commander, Operations Group, entitled "Focusing on the Fundamentals." ...Read More
Gen. Paul E. Funk II, commanding general, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, visited the Center for Army Lessons Learned for an update on the organization and its preparations for support to Defender Europe 20, Jan. 8 at Fort Leavenworth’s Rucker Hall. Funk took the opportunity to share with the team his thoughts on strategic readiness and CALL’s role as the “definitive voice” in Army lessons learned. (U.S. Army photo by Christine Weis, CALL)...Read More
News you can use on our latest developments in training, doctrine, lessons learned, network integration, and more. ...Read More
Liaison officer (LNO) functions are critical to the successful integration of diverse capabilities across military and civilian domains. Despite the importance of these functions, the Center for Army Lessons Learned continues to capture observations which indicate significant issues concerning the selection, training, and employment of LNOs. This Handbook is designed to provide planning and execution guidance for the employment of LNOs in a single source document....Read More

Mission Statement

The Center for Army Lessons Learned leads the Army Lessons Learned Program and delivers timely and relevant information to resolve gaps, enhance readiness, and inform modernization.

CALL's Vision

The Center for Army Lessons Learned is forward thinking, aligning resources to deliver timely and relevant information, fostering readiness of the fielded force and informing the future force.

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