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The State Partnership Program is a Department of Defense security cooperation program, managed and administered by the National Guard Bureau, executed and coordinated by the geographic combatant commands (GCCs), with personnel sourced by the National Guard. It is an innovative, small-footprint tool supporting the security cooperation goals of the GCCs and the U.S. Chief of Mission for the partner nation. This publication provides an overview of program highlights and activities....Read More
Mission Command Center of Excellence Director Maj. Gen. Douglas Crissman explains a point during an organizational Town Hall meeting Oct. 19. Topics included takeaways from his first 90 days in the job, a snapshot of MCCoE activities, and a look at what lies ahead for FY19. (Photo by Randi Stenson, MCCoE Public Affairs)...Read More
CALL welcomed COL Koichi Miyazaki, Director, Center for Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Lessons Learned, for an orientation to the Combined Arms Center. The focus of the visit was on doctrine and lessons learned....Read More
CALL welcomed MG Saleh Mohammad Al Ameri, United Arab Emirates Land Forces Commander, as part of a UAE military delegation. In addition to providing an overview of the lessons learned process, CALL provided recommendations to the visitors on how to quickly and accurately capture relevant lessons and best practices and incorporate those lessons into current and future operations. (Photo by Randi Stenson, CALL Public Affairs)...Read More
Thomas Jordan, deputy director for the Mission Command Center of Excellence, led 5 new Fort Leavenworth employees in the Civilian Oath of Office during in-processing Oct. 15 at the Adjutant General Division conference room. The new employees include Bruce Shopfner, Munson Army Health Center; Douglas Keeler, Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate; Madilyn Hicks, Mission Command Training Program; Marci Hanson, Center for Army Lessons Learned; Aimee Garsow, Network Enterprise Center. Photo by Tisha Swart-Entwistle, Combined Arms Center Public Affairs Office....Read More
The endstate of the Military Tropic Medicine (MTM) Course is to increase force health protection (FHP) and troop readiness, just as FHP was a primary endstate for Britain and U.S. interests with regard to tropical diseases more than a century ago. A more immediate objective in achieving the endstate is to provide medical personnel with relevant knowledge and understanding to address medical issues specific to deployment areas, especially for those who may be a considerable distance from a military base....Read More
Within the next 10-20 years technological advancements will be the catalyst for the next arms race. Unlike the nuclear build-up of the Cold War, the next arms race will centrally focus on two lines of effort: autonomous systems using artificial intelligence (AI) with humans-out-of-the loop, and anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon systems. ...Read More
This primer proffers a consideration for the identification of a functional combatant command as the lead DOD entity to integrate, synchronize, and coordinate multi-domain operations (MDO) across the United States Government (USG). This primer also includes planning considerations for commanders to employ MDO. ...Read More

Mission Statement

The Center for Army Lessons Learned drives Army change through adaptive and innovative solutions to produce lethal and effective warfighters.

CALL's Vision

The Center for Army Lessons Learned is the Army's daily focal point for adaptive learning based on lessons and best practices from the total force and provides timely and relevant knowledge to the warfighter and our unified action partners utilizing integrated systems and interactive technology in order to simplify winning in a complex world.

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