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This edition of the CALL Insider features our roll-up of 1st quarter publications, reports, and articles. We continue to seek highly motivated senior NCOs (MSG-SGM) and officers (MAJ-COL) to fill our military analyst (forward) positions at the Army Service component commands, corps, and divisions - if you think you have what it takes, click on the provided link and submit an application! Finally, don’t miss the latest news and trends from the combat training centers! ...Read More
At the National Training Center, brigade combat teams (BCTs) have a difficult time establishing, maintaining, and transitioning a permissive fires environment at echelon within the decisive action training environment to shape the BCT deep fight and mass effects in the close fight in support of tactical and operational objectives. This handbook provides the fires community a way to plan, prepare, and execute its mission to establish, maintain, and transition a permissive fires environment at echelon to shape the battlefield. It also provides commanders and their staff with insights on the capabilities and employment of fires....Read More
In this episode of Breaking Doctrine, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” Col. Rich Creed, director, Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate, is joined by guests Brig. Gen. John Rueger, director of the Joint Staff, Kansas National Guard; Steve Tennant, assistant professor at the Command and General Staff College; and (by phone) Robert Gonzales, senior domestic operational law attorney, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, U.S. Army North. These subject matter experts discuss how the U.S. Army and National Guard support local, state, and federal authorities during domestic emergencies and natural disasters. Along with offense, defense, and stability operations, DSCA is an element of decisive action; however, it differs in several key areas - particularly in the laws and authorities that govern U.S. forces operating within the homeland.
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This edition of the CALL Insider features our roll-up of 4th quarter FY20 publications, articles, studies, reports, and upcoming publications. Check out the flyer on page 5 for “Army 21: Brigade Combat Teams” – an interactive, multimedia learning tool designed to help Soldiers visualize and explore formations and organizations. Finally, don’t miss the latest news from the combat training centers!...Read More
Center for Army Lessons Learned Director Col. Christopher Keller answers online questions about the new "Army 21 -- Brigade Combat Teams" multimedia, interactive-learning tool during an Association of the United States annual meeting webinar Oct. 15, 2020. To learn more about Army 21, view the demonstration video at (U.S. Army photo by Randi Stenson, MCCoE Public Affairs)...Read More
U.S. Army Combined Arms Center Commanding General Lt. Gen. James Rainey presents the Mission Command Center of Excellence charter to new director Brig. Gen. Charles J. Masaracchia in an assumption of responsibility ceremony at Fort Leavenworth’s Frontier Conference Center, Oct. 16, 2020. (U.S. Army photo by Randi Stenson, MCCoE Public Affairs)...Read More
The information in this bulletin is a snapshot of the Army conducting large-scale combat operations. MCTP’s observations are primarily written by a collaborative group of experienced officers, noncommissioned officers, and chief warrant officers working in conjunction with our highly qualified expert-senior mentors. MCTP uses several avenues to facilitate shared understanding of Warfighter Exercise (WFX) experiences to educate not just those units preparing for WFXs, but the total Army. Beginning in FY21, the MCTP WFX key observations will be published semiannually by CALL. The new publications will be more portable, pocket-sized books and will remain packed with current and relevant observations....Read More
These Knowledge Management (KM) case studies highlight where an empowered KM officer applied KM principles to solve a problem. The KM officers in each case study achieved success by exercising initiative, applying critical and creative thinking, and ultimately delivering a capability or process that made their teams more effective and efficient. The Army’s data, information, and knowledge environment will continue to become more complex. These case studies provide illustrative examples of KM practices in action, and stimulate thinking among leaders and staffs looking to harness the power of KM in their headquarters. ...Read More

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The Center for Army Lessons Learned leads the Army Lessons Learned Program and delivers timely and relevant information to resolve gaps, enhance readiness, and inform modernization.

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The Center for Army Lessons Learned is forward thinking, aligning resources to deliver timely and relevant information, fostering readiness of the fielded force and informing the future force.

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