Combat Training Center Directorate (CTCD)


Combat Training Center Directorate (CTCD) facilitates the validation, administration and integration of the Army’s Combat Training Center (CTC) program and its three maneuver CTCs (National Training Center, Joint Readiness Training Center and the Joint Multinational Readiness Center) and Mission Command Training Program worldwide deployable CTC.

Additionally, CTCD is responsible for ensuring CTC program requirements and modernization are linked to a viable resourcing strategy and CTC vision for the future. CTCD assists in programming and integrating DOD Training Transformation (that is, Joint National Training Capability) initiatives into the CTC program.

Army's Transition to Unified Land Operations

The CTC Program will lead the Army's transition to Unified Land Operations as described in ADP 3-0. Unified Land Operations are executed through Decisive Action by means of Army Core Competencies. The CTCs will accelerate a return to standards-based training and the pace of the Army’s transition to unified land operations (ULO) by challenging units and leaders to adapt to battlefield conditions, and by enhancing lethality and our ability to operate with our unified action partners (UAPs) and special operations forces (SOFs) across the range of military operations.

Success is defined as growing the next generation of adaptive Army leaders and providing relevant land forces for Army Force Generation requirements. Leaders and units are equally skilled and trained to standard in offense, defense and stability operations. The CTCs are the engine of change for collective training in the Army. What is trained and exercised at the CTCs drives training across the Army.

A Joint context will be provided at all the CTC training events as applicable to the unit's training objectives. Army CTCs will have a persistent capability to link to Joint National Training Capability. CTCs will provide the correct Joint context for training across all warfighting functions. Leaders, Soldiers and units will operate in the Joint environment and understand the interdependencies shared by the Army and others on the Joint team. The goal is to improve Joint interoperability by using the capabilities provided by an integrated Live, Virtual and Constructive training environment.

Joint Multinational Readiness CenterJoint Multinational Readiness Center

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