Mission Command Training Program (MCTP)


MCTP supports the collective training of Army units as directed by the Chief of Staff of the Army and scheduled by Forces Command to provide commanders and leaders the opportunity to train mission command in Unified Land Operations.

What MCTP Provides for the Army:

  • Mission Rehearsal Exercises for deploying units.
  • Warfighter Exercises for contingency force units.
  • Senior Mentors to train the Army’s Senior Leaders.
  • Professional Observer, Coach/Trainers.
  • Robust simulations.
  • Competitive OPFOR.

MCTP Priorities

  • Conduct exercises as directed by Forces Command.
  • Increase Joint and Allied participation in Warfighters (WFX).
  • Establish Joint and Allied duty positions within MCTP.
  • Transition to WFXs and to reduce exercise costs while increasing MCTP's capacity.
  • Reduce Exercise costs.

Warfighter News

The Mission Training Complex at Fort Leavenworth recently hosted the Army's largest warfighter exercise in history. Click here to read the rest of this Leavenworth Times article