TRADOC Proponent Office - Opposing Forces


How are we structured?

TPO OPFOR represents the Commanding General, Training and Doctrine Command, and reports to the Deputy Commanding General Combined Arms Center – Training, serves as Training and Doctrine Command’s centralized manager for opposing forces capability development activities and user representative for opposing forces training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations capability solutions.

How TPO OPFOR Helps the Army

TPO OPFOR in coordination with Training and Doctrine Command G2 Operational Environment Center, is responsible for duties as outlined in Training and Doctrine Command Regulation 71-12, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Capability Management, and TR 71-20, Concept Development, Capabilities Determination, and Capabilities Integration. Training and Doctrine Command G2 Operational Environment Center, the Responsible Official for the Army Operational Environment/Opposing Forces program in accordance with AR 350-2, Opposing Forces Program, is responsible for providing TRADOC Proponent Office, Opposing Forces the replication requirements. TPO OPFOR will coordinate capabilities and materiel development activities to ensure all doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities – policies areas are integrated and synchronized to establish realistic operational environment conditions at Home Station, Centers of Excellence, and Combat Training Centers.

Where we are focused

  • Building warfighting readiness while bridging the gap to Training modernization.
    • Leader Directives and Increasing Combat Training Center Modernization
    • Combat Training Center Modernization (Near-Peer capabilities – challenge our forces during Multi-Domain Operations)
    • Replicating a Realistic Opposing Force

TPO OPFOR Organizational Structure

TPO Org Structure

Contact Us (By Branch)

  • Command and Control
    • Director: (913) 684-8463
    • Deputy Director: (913) 684-8199
    • Operations: (913) 684-8337
  • Threat InfoWar and Intel Capability Integrator
    • Lead: (913) 684-8308
  • Threat Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Branch
    • Lead: (913) 684-8308
  • Information Warfare Branch
    • Lead: (913) 684-8147
    • Alternate: (913) 684-8479
  • Threat Integrated Air Defense Systems Branch
    • Lead: (913) 684-8434
    • Alternate: (913) 684-8434
  • Maneuver Branch
    • Lead: (913) 684-8387
    • Alternate: (913) 684-8468
    • Alternate: (913) 684-8291y