Education/Leader Development

Building Cohesive and Adaptive Teams

This aid is intended to help small-unit leaders build a cohesive and adaptable unit that is better prepared to overcome the challenges that will be encountered in the future operational environment. Small-unit leaders set the conditions that promote cohesion and enable adaptability. They must be receptive to constructive feedback and new ideas for improving the unit.

Commander's Handbook for Unit Leader Development

Today’s fast-paced Army demands that a commander’s first priority is a trained and ready unit. Leader development makes a substantial contribution to a unit’s ability to train effectively and accomplish its mission. Yet commanders across the Army acknowledge the constant challenge to effectively implement unit leader development. This handbook is designed to provide commanders with an efficient and effective way to develop leaders.

Counterproductive Leadership Resources

Addressing issues that impact readiness is a priority for the Army and its senior leaders. The Army has identified toxic leadership as one issue that negatively impacts readiness. However, the term “toxic” has become a buzzword, and there is a lack of shared understanding about its meaning. Therefore, the Army coined the term “counterproductive leadership,” which is more comprehensive than the label of toxic leadership and emphasizes observable behaviors (versus leader intent).
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