Building Cohesive and Adaptive Teams

This aid is intended to help small-unit leaders build a cohesive and adaptable unit that is better prepared to overcome the challenges that will be encountered in the future operational environment. Small-unit leaders set the conditions that promote cohesion and enable adaptability. They must be receptive to constructive feedback and new ideas for improving the unit. Creating opportunities and empowering members to contribute to decision making creates a climate that is conducive to learning and development, and as unit members learn and develop, their confidence will grow and their performance will improve. A leader's efforts to provide members with diverse experiences will enhance the versatility of the unit and that versatility will translate to adaptability. Similarly, a leader's efforts to provide members with challenging experiences that stretch their abilities will foster teamwork and growth that promotes cohesion. This training aid presents guidance on how to create opportunities for development and can be used as presented, although leaders are encouraged to modify and adapt it to the specific needs and circumstances of their unit.
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