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People First Task Force: Integrating People and Training - Considerations and Concepts

This handbook is a compilation of best practices and tools that can be used by leaders to improve the integration of people and training. The handbook is not regulatory or mandatory; leaders are empowered to utilize the tools in the handbook to complement their own unit-specific People First strategies and initiatives. By integrating people into training, leaders can enhance the cohesiveness of their teams and foster an environment where all are treated with dignity and respect.

Reducing Suicide in Army Formations, BDE and BN Commander's Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to thoroughly examine, from a leadership perspective, the fundamental concepts and engagement necessary to develop and execute an effective suicide prevention program. The suicide prevention framework utilizes visibility tools, which assess risk and protective factors. The suicide prevention framework also establishes a unit forum to operationalize the suicide prevention program through the operations process. There is no single action that can prevent suicide.

Senior Commander's Guide to Suicide Prevention

This handbook is meant to assist senior mission commanders in implementing the Army Suicide Prevention Program. It demonstrates how leaders at echelon, with support, can synchronize installation efforts to achieve effects that improve readiness and help prevent deaths by suicide. Although there is no single action that will prevent suicide, leaders who apply consistent and systematic whole-of-person approaches will positively impact individual resilience and unit readiness.


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