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Critical Enablers to Conducting Effective Advise, Assist, Accompany and Enable (A3E) Missions

This article examines 1st Squadron, 98th Cavalry Regiment, 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team (Mississippi National Guard) in its advise, assist, accompany and enable (A3E) mission with the Iraqi 9th Armored Division. It covers a variety of observations, lessons, and insights from training to cultural awareness. It also addresses the inevitable challenges associated with an A3E mission and the reconciliation to reinforce the trust and relationship building with a partner nation.

News From the Front - The 404th Civil Affairs Battalion: Enabling Capacity Building Through English Discussion Groups (EDGs): The Pros and Cons

English Discussion Groups (EDGs) have been an enduring mission of the Civil Affairs Battalion (CA BN) in Djibouti since 2007. EDGs are not new to the Army and are considered a component of capacity building, but this type of mission has not been addressed in civil affairs doctrine since the late sixties. It has, however, reemerged as a priority line of effort for the CA BN deployed to Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa in Djibouti.

News From The Front: Rapid Equipping Force Expeditionary Camp - ERBIL

When it comes to providing comfortable living spaces for deployed Soldiers, rigid-wall shelters are a very particle solution when building the force base camp. Each rigid-wall shelter can house 10 Soldiers and be set up in less than 15 minutes by four people. Once they are up and running, the camps require little maintenance.

The Rapid Equipping Force provided rigid wall shelters to the Force Provider Camp – Erbil. This News From The Front covers the Lessons Learned while constructing the camp.

News From The Front: Achieving Unity of Effort - A Case Study in Leadership

Military operations are fundamentally joint, interagency, and multinational (JIM) in character (multi-state in the case of National Guard units) requiring contributions from multiple JIM partners (or states). Achieving unity of effort in the execution of the mission will be critical to reducing both the risks of failure and the costs of success. This News From the Front examines the 35th Combat Aviation Brigade’s mission in support of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE and their trials and tribulations to achieve unity of effort.

News From The Front: NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAG) for Commanders and Staff

This news from the front is the result of a CALL study analyzing recent exercises in Europe that determined common interoperability areas for improvement. When operating with a European based multinational force, what are the NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAG) for interoperability? After identifying areas for improvement, CALL conducted a review of NATO STANAGs and publications to address those issues. This publication informs the force of NATO STANAGs to consider enabling success in the next multinational exercise.

News From the Front: Security Cooperation in Africa

This News From the Front (NFTF) shares the story of U.S. Army Africa (USARAF) and highlights some of the creative ways it accomplishes its security cooperation goals on the continent. To that end, this NFTF addresses:
  • Key USARAF insights on security cooperation in Africa.
  • The African Land Forces Summit (ALFS).
  • An interview with the USARAF Commanding General.

News From the Front: Setting the Theater in the Pacific

The purpose of this document is to show, in a publically releasable format, how USARPAC postured land domain capabilities to set the theater and contribute to security and stability in the Pacific region. The insights offered in this document are based on previous collections and therefore are a snapshot in time. As the situation evolves in this theater, so do the support requirements for specific operation plans, concept plans, and other requirements established in the geographic combatant commander’s (GCC’s) theater campaign plan.

NFTF - 1-153 IN Regt, Task Force Warrior CJTF-HOA Pre-deployment Activities

The Army Reserve and National Guard participation with the active component providing support for theater security operations and exercise both CONUS and OCONUS has increased drastically over the past 15 years. Army Reserve and National Guard units are given the maximum time possible between the date alerted and the date required to report for active duty. Some units may be alerted, but not actually begin active duty for several weeks. However, under mobilization conditions, an emergency situation may require extremely short active duty notice.


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