Platoon Doctrine

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Platoons - ATP 3-11.74

ATP 3-11.74 provides fundamental tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for planning, preparing, and executing platoon operations within chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) platoon formations. It incorporates current doctrine for large-scale combat operations and provides the doctrinal tools to execute platoon missions. ATP 3-11.74 provides CBRN platoon leaders and platoon sergeants with a doctrinal reference to assist them in successfully accomplishing any assigned mission.

Logistics Platoon Leader - ATP 4-90.5

ATP 4-90.5 provides logistics platoon leaders with doctrine information to create a knowledge baseline. This baseline is an understanding of what a logistics platoon leader must know and do to effectively command and control the platoon. This ATP is not intended to be a comprehensive techniques document but provides a start point from which a platoon leader can subsequently apply personal experience and professional judgement to adapt to various operational environments and situations.

Medical Platoon - ATP 4-02.4

This publication provides information on the structure and operation of medical platoons and sections that are organic to maneuver battalions and squadrons operating in a Role 1 capacity within a brigade combat team’s area of operation. It is directed toward both the medical platoon leader and medical platoon sergeant and the conduct of medical operations from point of injury or casualty collection point thru the Role 1 battalion aid station. The tactics, techniques, and procedures provided are not all-inclusive.

Military Intelligence (MI) Company and Platoon Reference Guide - TC 2-19.01

TC 2-19.01 is designed to combine key doctrinal discussions; detailed tactics, techniques, and procedures; key training concepts; field craft; and references for military intelligence (MI) companies and platoons. The principal audience for TC 2-19.01 is the MI company- and platoon-level leadership. Division and brigade commanders and staffs and trainers may also use this training circular (TC) as a reference.


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