Lessons Learned

18-14: CTC Trends FY2017

This bulletin captures key observations collected by Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) observer-coach/trainers (OC/Ts) during exercises throughout FY17. These are the most recent and salient points distilled from multi-echelon and multi-component mission command training exercises conducted in the decisive action training environment (DATE). These observations are not only for future training audiences but for all brigade through corps commands and staffs.

18-16: Maneuver Leader's Guide to Stinger

This guide is designed as a single entry point for brigade combat team and maneuver battalion commanders and their staffs to effectively train and fight Stinger teams as part of an integrated combined arms team. These planning and employment techniques should prove invaluable to effectively maximize mission effectiveness, allow maneuver forces to retain the initiative, and provide freedom of maneuver from the air.

18-20: U.S. Army Ordnance Crucible Ammunition Transfer Holding Point Observations

This bulletin provides the Army’s operating force with recommendations gained based on a deliberate collection of tactical and technical observations during the 2017 Ammunition Transfer and Holding Point (ATHP) Team of the Year competition as part of the U.S. Army Ordnance Crucible.

18-30: Permanent Executive Secretariat of the Conference of American Armies, Volume III

The purpose of this bulletin is to capture and share the valuable lessons learned in organizing and directing the Permanent Executive Secretariat of the 32nd cycle of the CAA. The U.S. Army had not taken on this responsibility in more than 20 years and very little information remained in the archives from the last time this responsibility was held. This document serves to avoid that problem in the future and will be made available to other armies that may consider volunteering to assume this important mission.

18-33 Transition to a Joint Force Headquarters - Planning Insights for Echelons Above Brigade

This handbook leverages Center for Army Lessons Learned collections in active joint operation areas and joint exercises to provide commanders and staffs at echelons above brigade a guide to transitioning to a joint force headquarters. The purpose is to provide key insights, lessons, and best practices for commanders and staffs at echelons above brigade for forming and operating as a joint headquarters.

18-37: The Army Combat Fitness Test Handbook

This handbook is a compilation of products developed by the Center for Initial Military Training in preparation for the Army-wide implementation of the ACFT. Refinements are expected as testing units provide feedback, but in the interim, this handbook provides commanders, leaders, and Soldiers with a guide to preparing for and administering the ACFT.


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