21-07 - Hard Lessons

Friday, March 12, 2021
Written by the sergeants major (SGMs) of Operations Group, National Training Center (NTC), this handbook was inspired by the book, “66 Stories of Battle Command,” where commanders shared their experiences during NTC rotations and provided “a way” to other commanders before they have to make a decision for a specific situation. The NTC SGMs have the same intentions with the publication of this handbook. The stories include experiences as an operations SGM and command sergeants major (CSM) at the battalion and brigade levels. Some of the stories provided will create differing opinions, but are only intended to share the authors’ experiences with those that may face the same or similar situations. In each rotation, NTC leaders observe SGMs who, once exposed to a situation, produce extraordinary results. These stories are not meant to expose any unit; they are meant to unearth possible solutions.
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