The Army Vision - Strategic Advantage in a Complex World

Monday, May 11, 2015
The Army of 2025 and beyond will effectively employ lethal and non-lethal overmatch against any adversary to prevent, shape, and win conflicts and achieve national interests. It will leverage cross-cultural and regional experts to operate among populations, promote regional security, and be interoperable with the other military services, United States government agencies and allied and partner nations. Leveraging the Total Force, it will consist of a balanced, versatile mix of scalable, expeditionary forces that can rapidly deploy to any place on the globe and conduct sustained operations within the full range of military operations. Composed of agile and innovative institutions, Soldiers, and Civilians, the United states Army of 2025 and beyond provides strategic advantage for the nation with trusted professionals who strengthen the enduring bonds between the Army and the people it serves.
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